Polka-dot Poop

Denver made the trip to St. Mary’s with us for his first (and last) farm visit.  We learned the following things about him in the short time he spent there.

  1. If you don’t point out a cat and encourage him to chase it, he won’t even notice it… even when there’s three of them within 5 feet of him.
  2. Once you do point out the cats he will growl – from the safety of between your legs, or behind the sliding door.
  3. He’s a perfectly lovely house guest – he’ll just lie in his bed upstairs and not make a peep.
  4. He loves cat food
  5. If 4 of his people come by and then leave again – he will be mad, and he will find a way to let you know.
  6. Even if you’ve put your dirty clothes in your bag – make sure you zip the bag closed
  7. Eating and digesting underwear makes for an upset puppy tummy, and it also makes him very thirsty.
  8. What goes in must come out – but it’s hard to do.
  9. Dog stomachs do not digest underwear very well, which makes for polka-dot poop
  10. Once it’s out of his system he will return to his energetic self.

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