Everything you need to know to be a rock star

Heard this on the radio this morning.  Went directly to YouTube to find it.  Since the various videos have had 5 million + hits, I’m sure I’m very behind the times. To that I say, whatever it’s new to me!  AND since I shared some super gross stuff yesterday, I thought I’d keep it lighter today.

Apparently all you need to have a hit single is 4 chords.  There’s 36 songs here… I may have counted.

This one is completely unrelated (well same comedy band) but I find it funny.  If you find it offensive I’ll apologize, but only if you do me a favour and please locate your sense of humour -as you have clearly misplaced it somewhere.

Were you wondering what Tim Minchin -Canvas Bags was too?? Here it is… I think he really hits the message home.

Thanks YouTube!

Don’t watch this while eating

Okay I’ve warned you.

Much like my family used to, the Boy is always complaining about my hair. Apparently it’s everywhere. I’m a shedder – there’s no denying it.

Thanks to Google Reader I came across this article this morning over at my favourite podcast’s website How Stuff Works. Once I got over my initial gag reflex it made me want to find this Zip it tool and see what’s lurking in my drain.

For the full article (or if the videos aren’t loading properly) check out How Stuff Works Funny… and gross – a drain cleaner that actually works – The Blogs at HowStuffWorks.

I Always Wanted to be a Groupie!

Have you heard of Shred Kelly?  WHAT? NO? Well, get on it fools.  They’re the best Foot-Stompin’, Banjo Playing, Country-Rock band from the Kootenay mountains in Fernie, British Columbia.  Or at least that’s what their poster says, and since I haven’t been to Fernie, British Columbia to do my own research, and since I know, trust and love the lead singer… I’ll accept it as truth, AND promote it to you.

We took a siblings road trip from Newmarket to Guelph and then from Guelph to Hamilton – destination Casbah Lounge (possibly the sketchiest bar I have ever been to).  But don’t judge a band by their venue – Shred Kelly, definitely not sketchy (although 3 of them weren’t wearing shoes while playing).

Foot-stompin, Banjo-playin, Country-rock!

Who is Shred Kelly?  In short they’re ski bums who love rocking out banjo styles.  In long, their lead singer is my brother from another mother and the sibs and I absolutely could not miss being part of his tour.  So not only did we drive to Hamilton, but we’ll be partaking in their Toronto shows in a few weeks.  IF you’re hip with the times you’ll be there too.

Are you in the need for some quick getaway music? They’ve got a song for that – Goodbye July by Shred Kelly

Having a moment at work, maybe thinking something along the lines of, “How many more days am I going to be doing this job?” They’ve got a song for that too, I Hate Work (New Version!) by Shred Kelly.

Seriously folks, you heard it here first – Shred Kelly is awesome.  SO awesome that this winter they were asked to represent at the Vancouver Olympics! Were you asked to play at the Olympics?  Doubtful.  I wasn’t either, but my Tim was and that makes me famous… practically an Olympian really.

Okay, for serious now – this band is super fun and I am so proud of my friend forever Tim, his band and their cross country tour.  Check out their website and join me on August 17th at The Dakota Tavern.  I’ve been to one show already, I’ve got a t-shirt (as awesome as the band), the CD is being downloaded into my iPod, so I’ll definitely know all the words by go time on the 17th, which is just good times for everyone!

I may be for Introvert, but G is for Groupie!

Can you see all of the bare feet? I'll give you one - the drummer who you can't see

Hold still – no moving!

Well my peeps at Sunnybrook were finally able to get their biopsy.  It was done on Thursday by MRI which is a longer and more cumbersome process than doing it by ultrasound, (which was the reason for the study – to make ultrasound even more effective).  Again I won’t bore you with the details, just a few of the highlights, and a couple low-lights.

  1. Low-light – the pre-waiting.  OMG it took forever to get started.  They put my IV in right away (you’ll remember that’s my least favourite part).  But then I had to wait… and wait… and wait. Based on when I finished, and how long they told me it would take… I probably sat there for almost an hour.  I may have started having a small panic attack and I may have had to start self soothing by rubbing the bridge of my nose like you do to sooth a baby…. I guess I was a little nervous.
  2. Highlight – the staff.  Once again everyone was really nice and thoughtful.  I love my Sunnybrook peeps.
  3. Low-light – the temperature.  If you haven’t had an MRI let me give you some tips (I am a pro now after all).  You’ll want to wear as many clothes as possible.  Since my MRI is always of the top half – I’m always sure to wear some sort of Lululemon pant (Do you hear that Lululemon – feel free to sponsor my next MRI).  No metal in those pants and extra layers against the cold.  Unfortunately my Lulu capris were not enough on Thursday.  I was freezing!  Lucky for those awesome staff who as soon as I was able to say I was cold they covered me in more blankets and even rubbed my feet for a few minutes.
  4. Highlight – I got the same Radiologist.  It may have been simply luck of the draw, but I was happy to have someone I had already met with twice before.
  5. Low-light – the freezing.  One word.  OUCH!  Again, those peeps with their arms across my back (to keep me from flinching up from the needle) rubbed my back while holding me down – oh I didn’t mention that the whole thing is done while I was lying on my stomach and the Doctor is sitting underneath me… awkward and cumbersome.
  6. Highlight – the freezing.  One word.  Numb.  Couldn’t feel a thing.  I was feeling pressure but not pain.  And I was remembering the Stuff You Should Know podcast – How Redheads Work…. apparently we need more anesthetic than blonds or brunettes… EEK!  But it didn’t hurt – just noisy and pressure.
  7. Low-light – Afterward.  As the freezing wore off – it was more pressure and starting to feel like there was a hole in my chest, which of course… there was.  Again OUCH!

And that was it.  I was there for about 2.5 hours total (I was told it would be about an hour) it really was a long wait to get started.  Friday I had some dizziness and feeling a bit off.  But nothing too major.  Final highlight (because it’s nice to end on a highlight) I have an appointment with my doctor to go over the results in a 7-10 days.  And hopefully that will be the end of all of this drama!

PS. Just got the call, everything is fine.  Follow-up is 6 months with my BFF the MRI machine!  Hurray!

Raffle Tickets Anyone?

When you work for a not-for-profit you get hit up to help out with fundraising pretty frequently.  “Tell everyone you know about {fill in event name here}.”  I don’t typically send out the email, unless I know that the people I know might be interested.  Like golfing for example.  But this one… I’ll participate.  I’ll advertise.  Because for this… I’d love to see someone I know win, (I might be kind of hoping that they’ll share with me… shhh it’s a secret).*

It’s the Magna Hoedown.  The beneficiary is 20 different charities in York Region.  The one I work for is Women’s Centre of York Region.  You have to be a resident of Ontario, tickets are 3/$20.  Here’s the kicker… this raffle is all. cash. prizes.

First prize: $50,000

Second prize: $15,000

Third prize: $10,000

Fourth prize: $5,000

Finite number of tickets – they are only printing 60,000 tickets.  And you could be the winner!

All those peeps I’ve got in London – you can win too! Any peeps in Toronto – this opportunity is all yours.  At my staff meeting this week, my boss said “Now $50,000 isn’t life changing, I mean you’re not going to quit your job.”  Apparently we have very different lives, because I don’t know about every reader – but I’m guessing my fellow twenty-somethings would feel that $50,000 would be VERY life changing.  For me, I’d be debt free.  Debt Free! Can you imagine!?  Sure I wouldn’t quit my job, but debt free… that’s pretty life changing.

So if you’re interested in tickets leave me a comment and I’ll set up the details by email. This raffle is going until SEPTEMBER 14th the draw will be on SEPTEMBER 18th. So you’ve got lots of time to buy tickets.

Think about it 50,000 smackers!

*if you do win, I won’t turn down a 10% finders fee.

Welcome to the rooftop oasis

Pro of the parentals moving from their beautiful big backyard, to backing on to the 4th fairway… they can’t take all of their comfy outside furniture with them!  It has arrived our much anticipated outdoor furniture to complete our rooftop oasis.

Last week, I made our first harvest of strawberries.  Well, strawberry.  That’s 1 for me and the Boy and about 5 for the squirrels.  It occurred to me that I haven’t updated how the farm has been going since it’s long trek in the back of the red rocket, and up the fire escape.

You might remember we packed the trunk and car FULL of plants

Most of the plants are doing well, but we are definitely going to be eating a LOT of tomatoes and cucumbers.  I guess I should learn to like cucumbers – because much to my surprise, they are all growing really well.

On the left - Tommy Tomato, on the right - Corey Cucumber

Some of the plants didn’t do so well – like this sad very dead sage plant.  We cut our losses and bought a new one, to put in a pot equipped with drainage.  Lesson learned, metal pots don’t work.

The lack of drainage led to a ill-rooted swamped out plant. The lack of clean up led to a dried out plant in a bucket

We’ve also got a new fancy barbecue now, so we can continue our boycott on using the oven, and with it’s new fancy gas element we can start a new boycott on using the stove!

Yup, we’re pretty well established up here on the roof.  If you’re stopping by, we may even let you test out the comfortable chair!

Our big harvest

* this post was going to include pictures of our completed rooftop oasis… unfortunately my ‘puter is running out of space and needs a clean up before I can add more pictures… bah.

A blogger’s apology

Well it seems my 101 in 1001 list has effected a misunderstanding.  Apparently, my dear sister, my FAVOURITE sister in the WHOLE world thinks that 10 dates with her over 2.75 years is unacceptable.  Frankly, I couldn’t agree more.  Let me explain.

#55. Go on a date with my sister (0/10)

On my original list I had this goal as “Go on a date with my sister once per month. (0/33).”  But then I thought, I don’t have a date with just her and I once a month now, we don’t live in the same town, and her and her manfriend don’t live in the same town let alone the same apartment… so I don’t go on dates with just her and me all that often.  So I took out the “once per month.”

Then I had to pick a number.  I must admit, I don’t know how I came to 10. And looking at it now, 10 does seem really low.  So I am changing #55 back to the original (don’t question your gut right?!) and to include 2 goals:

55a. Go on a date with my sister once per month (0/33)

55b. Call my sister once per week (0/143)

Hopefully this will repair our currently strained relationship… I’ll call her tonight to make sure.

101 in 1001

Here it is post 101.  I found this little cult group 101 in 1001 about a month ago.   It took me a LONG time to come up with 101 things… and by the time I did was close enough to my 100th post that I thought I’d be clever and save my start date until my 101st post.  Of course by that time I had already completed some of the time sensitive goals so I’ve had to change my list again… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What is 101 in 1001? It’s 101 goals in 1001 days. For me, starting today, July 20 2010 and ending April 13 2013.  I’ve got approximately 2.75 years to complete all of the things on my list. Here’s how the website describes the project:
The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.

The added bonus for bloggers – it keeps you blogging, and gives material to blog about!

Below is my list and above you’ll see I’ve got a new page, here’s where you can check in on my list and see how I’m doing.  I’ll post the evidence when I’ve completed something.  By telling all my loyal followers I’m going to accomplish all of these things the idea is that I feel accountable and actually follow through.

101 in 1001:

  1. 365 day photo challenge
  2. Complete a colouring book
  3. Say “Yes”
  4. Say “Yes” to the Dress
  5. Say “I do” to the Boy I love
  6. Blog at least three times a week
  7. Ride my bike to work everyday for 1 week
  8. Complete a 30 day challenge
  9. Get a better job
  10. Contribute to RRSPs
  11. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  12. Try one new recipe per month
  13. Live allergen free for one month
  14. Live vegetarian for 1 week – twice
  15. Go on date night with the Boy twice per month
  16. Get a legitimate golf score for a full 18 holes
  17. Beat that score by 10 strokes
  18. Read at least 1 book per month
  19. Upgrade my camera
  20. Donate blood
  21. Take a camera course
  22. Learn Photoshop
  23. Learn the Adobe Suite
  24. Kayak in the Everglades
  25. Visit 3 cities I’ve never been before
  26. Visit New York, New York
  27. See one play a year (0/3)
  28. Go on a wine tasting
  29. Visit Calgary and Edmonton
  30. Complete a 100 push-up challenge
  31. Get to my ideal weight and stay there
  32. Buy a piece of art
  33. Change the picture frames to new pictures we’ve taken once per year. (0/3)
  34. Get a new bike
  35. Swim lengths
  36. Take a cooking class
  37. Put change in someone’s expired parking meter
  38. Get a puppy
  39. Dance in the living room
  40. Add a new veggie to the garden every year
  41. Make a meal entirely out of the garden
  42. Try snowboarding
  43. Go someplace warm in the winter
  44. Go camping
  45. Ski every winter
  46. Golf in a charity golf tournament every year (0/2)
  47. Set a budget and stick to it for at least 6 months
  48. Finish knitting the boy’s socks
  49. Sponsor a woman at Christmas at least once
  50. Keep all of my movie stubs in the 1001 days
  51. Clean out my closet twice each year and donate whatever I’m not wearing to charity
  52. Talk to BFF Kate once a month (0/33)
  53. Do a cleanse
  54. Eat Raw for 1 week
  55. Go on a date with my sister (0/10)
  56. Have my parents over for dinner (0/6)
  57. Have the boy’s parents over for dinner (0/6)
  58. Support a CSA farmer
  59. Finish rereading all Harry Potter books
  60. Get and watch all Harry Potter movies
  61. Make a month-long meal plan
  62. Make a long-term financial plan
  63. Have a pajama day
  64. Make a button for my blog
  65. Go to a concert
  66. Write a note and leave it in a book for a stranger to find
  67. Sign my house (Since I already did this before my official start date – I’m changing this to go on a date with Erin)
  68. Learn French
  69. Have a conversation in French
  70. Dry herbs each fall (0/2)
  71. Go on a girls weekend (0/3)
  72. Take dance lessons with the boy
  73. Watch the sunrise and sunset in Florida in the same day
  74. Knit 3 projects for other people (0/3)
  75. Go skating every winter
  76. Buy a new couch
  77. Bake a pie – just because
  78. Bake the boy cookies without him asking (0/6)
  79. Unpack the last box
  80. Put everything “in it’s spot” to the boy’s OCD standards for 1 week (0/3)
  81. Try 4 new foods at Indian and Thai restaurants
  82. Bake vegan cupcakes
  83. Have a picnic in a park
  84. Listen to an audio book
  85. Grow lettuce all year long
  86. Go to the drive-in
  87. See Kristyn at least once a month outside of book club
  88. Go to a ballet
  89. Drink 8 glasses of water per day for 1 month
  90. Switch over to my gmail account
  91. Go on a dressed up date with the boy (0/3)
  92. Figure out what specific additional education I need/want to pursue and register
  93. Create a personal website
  94. Read all of the Giller Prize winners
  95. Get up and start my day with the boy every day for 1 week
  96. Watch all of the movies we own
  97. Inspire someone else to write a 101 in 1001 list
  98. Put away $20 each time I complete something on the list
  99. Donate $5 for everything not completed
  100. Write a new 101 list when this one is completed
  101. Go above the minimum on at least 5 of the items.

There it is.  Some people like to separate the items into categories… I had a hard enough time coming up with 101 things let alone grouping them… but now that I think of it maybe I can – so check back for that update.

Day Zero is today – see you on April 13, 2013 to see how much I was able to do!

From 100% to 50/50

First of all, I can’t say it enough how awesome being featured on SITS was Friday.  What a way to start the day.  I wasn’t terribly anxious about the potential biopsy, but any nerves I did have quickly flew away once I read comment after comment of well wishes, shared experience and positive vibes being sent my way.  Totally and completely awesome.  If you are a woman, and you have a blog, you should join SITS – the Secret to Success really is Support.

Second, this is my 100th post here at The Twenties Roar.  HURRAY!!! Which in my books means I am officially a blogger. And I proved my blogger status at my trip to Sunnybrook Friday when I made the MR technicians wait while I took pictures of the ceiling tiles for my blog.

This is one from the prep room - the view from the IV bed

They were super cool about it BTW and let me take as many pictures as I wanted.  I felt a little awkward about it so I kept it pretty minimal.

Third, I’ll give a brief recap for all my concerned followers, old and new alike – it didn’t work.  This is both good news and bad news.  The bad news is I have to go back again this week.  The good news is the ultrasound was right over where this thing is – and it couldn’t distinguish it as different than the rest of the tissue around it.  So that increases the chances from “we’re fairly certain” to “we’re really quite certain” that it is in fact benign.  But once again, they can’t know until they test it.  And they can’t test it until they can probe it and take a piece.  And they can’t do that until Thursday at 8:45 under the MRI.  Bah.  So the results from the study have now dropped from a 100% success rate to 50/50.  Sorry Joan, the research assistant who jokingly told me “Don’t screw it up,” it seems I screwed it up.

In the end, regardless of the result I’m really glad I participated.  Everyone involved was super nice, and really appreciative that I would be so willing to donate my rack and my time.  Without getting too detailed here were some of the highlights.

  1. The IV – I hate the IV. It hurts.  It is my least favourite part.  2 out of 3 times now it has had a kink in it, so they end up ripping the tape of my arm, and moving it all around to figure out why it isn’t injecting smoothly – this is not comfortable… at all.
  2. The Doctor and the MR technician were both female.  There were other male assistants but the women in charge kicked them outside the curtain whenever I had to be moved or change positions.  They would only let them in once I was covered (a somewhat relative term), and/or in my next testing position.  I’m not so much with the modesty in the hospital, whoever needs to look at me can look away, but I still really appreciated their efforts – at no point did I feel like me or my rack were “the show.”  Thanks Sunnybrook staff – you are awesome.
  3. It was all Canadian.  The technology they were testing was developed by a Canadian company started by two guys that were once lowly physicists at Sunnybrook.  These two are now running an international company that is putting Canada on the map when it comes to cutting edge breast imaging technology.  Neat!
  4. This guy greets you in the breast imaging waiting room

    The Madonna Bra – this is what the staff affectionately called the C-clamp-like contraption that they stuck my rack into for about 2 hours.

    Something like this but without the screw down the middle

    Picture two C clamps one on each side…. the open part is covered with a thin plastic adhesive layer and your boob is put in the middle and then the C-clamps are clipped together so they make one cohesive C with the top just above the armpit and the bottom just above the bottom of your ribs and the bridge of the C (or the part that says Irwin in this case) is sticking straight out in front of you. It wasn’t horrible once they got it positioned right… Lady Gaga might even be inspired by it.  But let me tell you that sucker has to come off eventually – and that turned out to be my NEW least favourite part OVER the IV.  Ouch.

And that was it.  They poked they prodded, they got to use their new toys, it didn’t work, they sent me home.  All in all a valuable study, and very cool technology that to my understanding I will likely benefit from if not today, some day in the future.  That seems okay by me!

You don't have to be an artist to contribute - you can always sponsor a tile

Potluck Friday!!

So I got to work this morning, turn on my computer and check my email.  What do I find, about 20 comments on my blog ready and waiting for me.  Weird.

I start the emails from the bottom and before I get to the 20 comments I open my daily email from SITS and see that one of the featured bloggers for potluck Friday has a found a lump in her breast.  Weird, there’s a lump in my breast.  I click on it, and who do I find? It’s ME!  MY little blog is being featured today over at SITS.

I quickly opened my comments section on my blog and there I find comment after comment of love and support.  I may have teared up a little.

THANK YOU Heather and Tiffany for picking me. 

And to put an end to any confusion – I did decide to participate in the study, and I am actually on my way down there today.  Which just made this lovely surprise and all the SITS love even more awesome.  So fingers crossed it works the first time, they have a 100% success rate so far… but I’m participant #2, a lot of pressure I hope I don’t screw it up!