Full Moon at Tiger Stadium?

The boy and I, along with our friends Paul and Janet took off on a little road trip this weekend. Destination? Detroit. Shopping? Unfortunately no. Baseball. Boo.

The last time we went to Tiger Stadium it was cold and it was long. I don’t really care so much about baseball, or sports in general for that matter. But the Boy wanted to go. He likes baseball. He likes “classic” stadiums. He likes outdoor stadiums. I don’t know why. He wanted to go. So we went.

Me posing with Tiger Stadium - I think the Boy was more interested in the stadium in this picture

Turns out it was one of those times that I wasn’t really looking forward to going (I didn’t mind going – it’s just that my ideal trips to Detroit involve serious time in a mall) but it turned out to be really fun, the BEAUTIFUL day and the game taking only 2:41  probably helped.

We got across the border without too much of an issue – a series of questions but not a hassle. We found an easy parking lot, and we went in search of some dinner. We found ourselves at Hockey Town, and the Boy went downstairs to take out some cash. Unfortunately the bank machine ate his card. Ate it. Gonzo. No cash for you. We called a manager – he put in his card, no problem. Boy’s card – gone. Shit.

Good thing we’ve got good friends who paid for our dinner – Thanks guys!

Off to the baseball game. We found a cash machine, that didn’t eat our card. Sweet! Let the baseball fun begin!

First Attempt - missed it.

I paid attention for the first little bit. But then I saw it. Straight ahead. 3 rows down. Full moon. And this proceeded to keep my attention for the next 6 innings. Trying to capture it on film. I wasn’t the only one.

All four of us were on board. Not only that… everyone with a camera in our section were playing the same game. This guy’s bum is ALL OVER THE INTERNET this week. Trust me.

Success!! Captured on film. Now answer me this - do you think he's wearing underwear??

We each took turns with the camera. But we just couldn’t get it. At one point he was dancing in his seat. The Boy told Paul to get the camera ready. But when it came time – Paul couldn’t pull through. It was too much crack. A good 4 inches. The best part – this guy couldn’t stay still. He kept getting up. Walking around, showing everyone his crack.

But then I got it. Captured on camera. Some guy’s bum.

To celebrate this momentous occasion – fireworks!

Awesome fireworks - the Boy thought they were finished 3 different times.


5 responses

  1. haha bums are funny. how was the game flow? dont you pay attention to the important things?

    p.s. i wish to see you guys soon. golf, bbq (on muscle beach of course) and beers…

    • They are funny. And I did pay attention – sort of. Tiger’s won – I know that much. I wish to see you soon too, you should see muscle beach – it’s got plants, and after the weekend, comfortable seating!

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