You’ve got a friend in me

The Boy and I went for a date tonight since his baseball game was canceled. Classic quarter chicken (is it me or is the white meat getting a little TOO big?) and a movie.  Toy Story 3.

This poster is really misleading - *Spoiler Alert* Bo Peep does not make an appearance in this movie

Here’s my review…. it’s awesome.  Is it my favourite of the Toy Trilogy? No.  I’m a classic first movie kinda girl;in fact I could probably still recite it if I tried… well maybe if I was able to watch it while reciting it.  Did it need the bells and whistles of 3D?  No.  That’s why we saved ourselves $8 and saw it in classic 2D.  Will it be another Pixar classic? Definitely.

The whole gang was there.  Well not the whole gang… Bo Peep was passed on in a garage sale incident.  But Hamm, Potato Head (Mr. and Mrs.), Slink, Jessie, Rex, Barbie and of course Buzz and Woody all came together to make it a new classic.

For all of my mommy followers (I’m not sure I have mommy followers, but in the event I do), I found it a little dark for little kids.  I’m hoping though that it will give some kids the message that toys are made to be played with, and if you’re not playing with them – there are other kids that would love to play with them.  Pass it on, don’t throw them out.

Mine looks a little more loved than this one

What it really made me think of was this weekend when I discovered toys of mine in my parents move that I thought had long been thrown out.  Sure I remember telling my parents to keep them in the attic, but I assumed that they just told me they were up there, and had really given them away a long time ago.  But there they were, my redhead Cabbage Patch kid, my sister and my My Child’s (again a redhead and a blond), bear and Barbie with all her Barbie friends and accessories.  There they were, rescued from the attic and being played with by my cousins who are prime toy age – 5 and 2 1/2.

And if the movie rings true – those toys are thrilled to be out of the attic and rediscovered by new little hands.

Images from here and here


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