Leaving my mark on the world

In the last week I’ve turned into a vandal!

First things first.  Bye house! Today my parents’ house, my childhood home, the ONLY home I’ve ever known, is officially the property of strangers.  Before I left, I was sure to leave a permanent Sharpie mark on my house.  It is MY house, I lived there, and all future residents should know this.

Apparently this struck a new rebellious streak in me, because the next day my peep over at ahandmadestory and I were walking along, minding our own business, when we came upon some wet cement. Confession time… I’ve never signed wet cement before.  But I can cross it off my bucket list, because I am now a permanent part of the Newmarket infrastructure!  And MT and MW are forever bonded in time.

The best part about being an MW - it's the same no matter which direction you look at it. High Five!

My web mark is pretty limited, which I’m okay with.  But if you Google The Twenties Roar WordPress – guess who you’ll find….

Happy Weekend!

PS.  I’ve had some requests for some pics of the new house.  I’m going there this weekend, and there’s a rumour there will be more furniture and new lighting put up by Saturday, so I’ll be sure to document.


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