Welcome to the rooftop oasis

Pro of the parentals moving from their beautiful big backyard, to backing on to the 4th fairway… they can’t take all of their comfy outside furniture with them!  It has arrived our much anticipated outdoor furniture to complete our rooftop oasis.

Last week, I made our first harvest of strawberries.  Well, strawberry.  That’s 1 for me and the Boy and about 5 for the squirrels.  It occurred to me that I haven’t updated how the farm has been going since it’s long trek in the back of the red rocket, and up the fire escape.

You might remember we packed the trunk and car FULL of plants

Most of the plants are doing well, but we are definitely going to be eating a LOT of tomatoes and cucumbers.  I guess I should learn to like cucumbers – because much to my surprise, they are all growing really well.

On the left - Tommy Tomato, on the right - Corey Cucumber

Some of the plants didn’t do so well – like this sad very dead sage plant.  We cut our losses and bought a new one, to put in a pot equipped with drainage.  Lesson learned, metal pots don’t work.

The lack of drainage led to a ill-rooted swamped out plant. The lack of clean up led to a dried out plant in a bucket

We’ve also got a new fancy barbecue now, so we can continue our boycott on using the oven, and with it’s new fancy gas element we can start a new boycott on using the stove!

Yup, we’re pretty well established up here on the roof.  If you’re stopping by, we may even let you test out the comfortable chair!

Our big harvest

* this post was going to include pictures of our completed rooftop oasis… unfortunately my ‘puter is running out of space and needs a clean up before I can add more pictures… bah.


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