Raffle Tickets Anyone?

When you work for a not-for-profit you get hit up to help out with fundraising pretty frequently.  “Tell everyone you know about {fill in event name here}.”  I don’t typically send out the email, unless I know that the people I know might be interested.  Like golfing for example.  But this one… I’ll participate.  I’ll advertise.  Because for this… I’d love to see someone I know win, (I might be kind of hoping that they’ll share with me… shhh it’s a secret).*

It’s the Magna Hoedown.  The beneficiary is 20 different charities in York Region.  The one I work for is Women’s Centre of York Region.  You have to be a resident of Ontario, tickets are 3/$20.  Here’s the kicker… this raffle is all. cash. prizes.

First prize: $50,000

Second prize: $15,000

Third prize: $10,000

Fourth prize: $5,000

Finite number of tickets – they are only printing 60,000 tickets.  And you could be the winner!

All those peeps I’ve got in London – you can win too! Any peeps in Toronto – this opportunity is all yours.  At my staff meeting this week, my boss said “Now $50,000 isn’t life changing, I mean you’re not going to quit your job.”  Apparently we have very different lives, because I don’t know about every reader – but I’m guessing my fellow twenty-somethings would feel that $50,000 would be VERY life changing.  For me, I’d be debt free.  Debt Free! Can you imagine!?  Sure I wouldn’t quit my job, but debt free… that’s pretty life changing.

So if you’re interested in tickets leave me a comment and I’ll set up the details by email. This raffle is going until SEPTEMBER 14th the draw will be on SEPTEMBER 18th. So you’ve got lots of time to buy tickets.

Think about it 50,000 smackers!

*if you do win, I won’t turn down a 10% finders fee.


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