Hold still – no moving!

Well my peeps at Sunnybrook were finally able to get their biopsy.  It was done on Thursday by MRI which is a longer and more cumbersome process than doing it by ultrasound, (which was the reason for the study – to make ultrasound even more effective).  Again I won’t bore you with the details, just a few of the highlights, and a couple low-lights.

  1. Low-light – the pre-waiting.  OMG it took forever to get started.  They put my IV in right away (you’ll remember that’s my least favourite part).  But then I had to wait… and wait… and wait. Based on when I finished, and how long they told me it would take… I probably sat there for almost an hour.  I may have started having a small panic attack and I may have had to start self soothing by rubbing the bridge of my nose like you do to sooth a baby…. I guess I was a little nervous.
  2. Highlight – the staff.  Once again everyone was really nice and thoughtful.  I love my Sunnybrook peeps.
  3. Low-light – the temperature.  If you haven’t had an MRI let me give you some tips (I am a pro now after all).  You’ll want to wear as many clothes as possible.  Since my MRI is always of the top half – I’m always sure to wear some sort of Lululemon pant (Do you hear that Lululemon – feel free to sponsor my next MRI).  No metal in those pants and extra layers against the cold.  Unfortunately my Lulu capris were not enough on Thursday.  I was freezing!  Lucky for those awesome staff who as soon as I was able to say I was cold they covered me in more blankets and even rubbed my feet for a few minutes.
  4. Highlight – I got the same Radiologist.  It may have been simply luck of the draw, but I was happy to have someone I had already met with twice before.
  5. Low-light – the freezing.  One word.  OUCH!  Again, those peeps with their arms across my back (to keep me from flinching up from the needle) rubbed my back while holding me down – oh I didn’t mention that the whole thing is done while I was lying on my stomach and the Doctor is sitting underneath me… awkward and cumbersome.
  6. Highlight – the freezing.  One word.  Numb.  Couldn’t feel a thing.  I was feeling pressure but not pain.  And I was remembering the Stuff You Should Know podcast – How Redheads Work…. apparently we need more anesthetic than blonds or brunettes… EEK!  But it didn’t hurt – just noisy and pressure.
  7. Low-light – Afterward.  As the freezing wore off – it was more pressure and starting to feel like there was a hole in my chest, which of course… there was.  Again OUCH!

And that was it.  I was there for about 2.5 hours total (I was told it would be about an hour) it really was a long wait to get started.  Friday I had some dizziness and feeling a bit off.  But nothing too major.  Final highlight (because it’s nice to end on a highlight) I have an appointment with my doctor to go over the results in a 7-10 days.  And hopefully that will be the end of all of this drama!

PS. Just got the call, everything is fine.  Follow-up is 6 months with my BFF the MRI machine!  Hurray!


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