I Always Wanted to be a Groupie!

Have you heard of Shred Kelly?  WHAT? NO? Well, get on it fools.  They’re the best Foot-Stompin’, Banjo Playing, Country-Rock band from the Kootenay mountains in Fernie, British Columbia.  Or at least that’s what their poster says, and since I haven’t been to Fernie, British Columbia to do my own research, and since I know, trust and love the lead singer… I’ll accept it as truth, AND promote it to you.

We took a siblings road trip from Newmarket to Guelph and then from Guelph to Hamilton – destination Casbah Lounge (possibly the sketchiest bar I have ever been to).  But don’t judge a band by their venue – Shred Kelly, definitely not sketchy (although 3 of them weren’t wearing shoes while playing).

Foot-stompin, Banjo-playin, Country-rock!

Who is Shred Kelly?  In short they’re ski bums who love rocking out banjo styles.  In long, their lead singer is my brother from another mother and the sibs and I absolutely could not miss being part of his tour.  So not only did we drive to Hamilton, but we’ll be partaking in their Toronto shows in a few weeks.  IF you’re hip with the times you’ll be there too.

Are you in the need for some quick getaway music? They’ve got a song for that – Goodbye July by Shred Kelly

Having a moment at work, maybe thinking something along the lines of, “How many more days am I going to be doing this job?” They’ve got a song for that too, I Hate Work (New Version!) by Shred Kelly.

Seriously folks, you heard it here first – Shred Kelly is awesome.  SO awesome that this winter they were asked to represent at the Vancouver Olympics! Were you asked to play at the Olympics?  Doubtful.  I wasn’t either, but my Tim was and that makes me famous… practically an Olympian really.

Okay, for serious now – this band is super fun and I am so proud of my friend forever Tim, his band and their cross country tour.  Check out their website and join me on August 17th at The Dakota Tavern.  I’ve been to one show already, I’ve got a t-shirt (as awesome as the band), the CD is being downloaded into my iPod, so I’ll definitely know all the words by go time on the 17th, which is just good times for everyone!

I may be for Introvert, but G is for Groupie!

Can you see all of the bare feet? I'll give you one - the drummer who you can't see


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