Don’t watch this while eating

Okay I’ve warned you.

Much like my family used to, the Boy is always complaining about my hair. Apparently it’s everywhere. I’m a shedder – there’s no denying it.

Thanks to Google Reader I came across this article this morning over at my favourite podcast’s website How Stuff Works. Once I got over my initial gag reflex it made me want to find this Zip it tool and see what’s lurking in my drain.

For the full article (or if the videos aren’t loading properly) check out How Stuff Works Funny… and gross – a drain cleaner that actually works – The Blogs at HowStuffWorks.


6 responses

    • Do tell k8! I couldn’t find it on either the Walmart or Canadian Tire websites. All I kep thinking when watching was – imagine we had this in second year? Imagine what you would pull out of a drain that 5 girls were using? Ugh, I’m gagging again.

      • As an aside – I found this on the weekend. Downside – it is on, so requires shipping. I haven’t checked yet though.

      • Damn you american websites! I just looked at and no dice. But I do like that you can buy a 12 pack on, maybe I should get them split them up and complete my wedding gift shopping in one swoop!

  1. Wait is the zipit going to be your wedding gift? If you want to go in on a pack of 12 for splitsies, I’d be down. I leave my hair everywhere. The other day in the shower I spent 5 minutes collecting my loose hair.

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