Everything you need to know to be a rock star

Heard this on the radio this morning.  Went directly to YouTube to find it.  Since the various videos have had 5 million + hits, I’m sure I’m very behind the times. To that I say, whatever it’s new to me!  AND since I shared some super gross stuff yesterday, I thought I’d keep it lighter today.

Apparently all you need to have a hit single is 4 chords.  There’s 36 songs here… I may have counted.

This one is completely unrelated (well same comedy band) but I find it funny.  If you find it offensive I’ll apologize, but only if you do me a favour and please locate your sense of humour -as you have clearly misplaced it somewhere.

Were you wondering what Tim Minchin -Canvas Bags was too?? Here it is… I think he really hits the message home.

Thanks YouTube!


2 responses

    • Thanks for stopping by – and I hope you enjoyed your visit! I love comedy that incorporates singing and rhyming and if not rhyming then lines like “Or did your parents… have sex?” that’s just clever.

      Enjoy your weekend

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