Sweet Millions

Well we’ve been harvesting a few beans and a few peas each day for the last couple of weeks.   Everything is so fresh and delicious but there is only so much bounty that can come from one terracotta pot.  We’ve been waiting with breath that is baited for our tomatoes to ripen.  We have TONS of them.  The type of plant we chose was called “Sweet Millions” and that’s exactly what we’ve got.  At last count I got to 100 and stopped counting.  100! Sure they’re cherry tomatoes and not Beefsteaks, but whatever they’re still delicious!

There was one small problem… they’ve been green for weeks! The boy and I were getting a little nervous that they would all ripen while we were away on the weekend, but instead we came back to sad droopy plants.  Water! They need WATER!  We revived them over the next couple of days and then we found out – you’re supposed to cut back the leaves.   Apparently fruit needs sun to ripen.

Luckily Google was there to help us once again.  After watching this handy video on growing tomato plants, we transformed our plants and hopefully we’ll be enjoying sweet millions in the coming weeks!

You may not be able to see the millions... but they are in there!

Getting a little trim!

Can you count them all?

Are you growing anything in your garden?  What is growing well for you?


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