Ottawa 2.0

The Parliament library really made me want to see inside... next time I guess

Well, still on Saturday (it was a really big day) we took ourselves on a tour of the grounds of Parliament Hill, showed some respect at the National War Monument, went for dinner, saw the light show on the Parliament buildings and practiced our self-portrait skills.  Whew! It was a really big day!

I'm still not really clear as to why we have a cat sanctuary... but we do.

I can definitely recommend grabbing a brochure and taking yourself on a tour of the various monuments around the grounds.  The brochure will give you all of the info on each monument – and you save yourself walking with and listening to strangers.  There is definitely A LOT to take in on Parliament Hill and all of our country’s highlights are represented.

Other than walking and walking and walking we took self-portraits ate some delicious food (some more delicious than others).  We had a really great time just spending time with each other.  Even though we live together now, the summer has been so busy that sometimes it feels like we hardly see each other.

Me and Louise McKinney celebrating the passing of the Persons Act

The Byward Market was a highlight for some more than others.  The Boy felt overwhelmed with the number of people, and the choices in maple syrup.  I thought it was awesome at all the choices in veggies and fruit, and was so taken with all of the buzz that I may have happily paid $13 for 5 veggies.  Good thing I keep the Boy close by, and good thing he pays attention to these things – we renegotiated with the farmer and got a $5 refund.

OH! We also saw the light show on Parliament Hill which I’ve only walked past and not actually sat down to watch it.  It’s really impressive.  If you’re in Ottawa do it up I say.

And that was basically our weekend.  It was a short little getaway, didn’t cost us a fortune – didn’t cost us much at all really, and we had a lot of fun.

We’re planning our next trip (well not really planning but it’s always nice to think about).  Any suggestions?  Where is your favourite weekend getaway

The self-portrait works better when the Boy takes it... but I look like a little person and he always looks so angry!


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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog on my SITS day. I honestly do not know if they are runny. I didn’t have the ingredients that day and as I remember that pregnancy craving went away. I was looking at that recipe (and drooling again) and It’s hard to say. It might be runny enough for your dad, but I am not too sure. You could always try and add a little more corn syrup?

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