101 in 1001 update and Company’s Coming!

It’s been about a month since I started my 101 in 1001 list, and while I haven’t been able to completely cross things off yet I’ve done more than make the list and completely forget about it.

I made the Boy cookies without him asking.  While this was a two step process – I made the dough with the intention of baking them for snacks on our way to Ottawa… I didn’t quite get to the baking part.  So we enjoyed cookies randomly this past weekend.  I was reminded why I only bake a few at a time – I had two, the Boy had 10 and they were gone within about 10 minutes.  Gross.  I thought he might save some for lunch the next day… no dice.

I tried to put things away according to the Boy’s standards last week – but I gave up after hurting my neck on Thursday and I did not get a stamp of approval.  The Boy says if I check it off he’ll guest blog his protest. Given that he hasn’t read my blog in weeks (a point of contention at the moment) I’m doubtful.  But since I’m trying to be honest about it – I guess I can’t cross that off.

We did go to Ottawa, but I’d been there before – so I can’t count it as a city I’ve never been to. But we did go on a dressed up date while there, and I realized that only going on 3 in the next 2.75 years is not very challenging so I’ve up’d the anti.

I have gone on some dates with my peeps, phone and in person.  But tonight I’m getting an extra special date.  My university roommate/bff/wife is in town from Edmonton, so instead of a monthly phone call we get an in-person date instead!  I’m making dinner, and the plan is to entice her to move back to the Toronto area by feeding her the delicious bounty that is Ontario fruit and veggies. Three words Barbecued Corn and Peaches.  She’ll be completely defenseless!

Haven’t actually planned anything else to eat other than that yet, so if anyone has some favourite BBQ treats (since it’s too hot to cook inside) that are made even better by fresh Ontario goodness – send them my way!


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