Hoes Sold Here

I feel like I’ve been dropping the ball in my blogging world so just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. There is good reason that I’ve been slightly MIA – but if I tell you I might spoil a surprise… so you’ll just have to wait.

The Boy and I had wedding number 1 this weekend, that’s 1 of 3 in the next 3 weeks.  It was a lot of fun, and beautiful and deserves its own post so stay tuned.  Also BFF K8 was in town last week which also deserves its own post, sneak preview I want her to move back here NOW!

So what can I delight you with quickly on a Monday morning? My employer, Women’s Centre of York Region is still selling Hoedown tickets.  We’ve moved into full sales mode, and Magna has provided a large sign outside our office that says Hoedown tickets sold here, or at www.hoedown.ca.  I came to work this morning and someone had changed the sign to read “Hoes sold here www.hoedown.ca.”  I thought it was hilarious especially because they weren’t complete jerks and left the extra letters on the ground so we can fix it.  Others at the ol’ feminist non-profit… not so much.

Wish I had my camera on me this morning, (one more reason I need an iPhone I guess). C’mon Women’s Centre of York Region – Hoes Sold Here.  That’s funny.   

Happy Monday!


3 responses

  1. That’d actually probably draw more attention than the original message! Actually, I’m not sure why a Women’s Centre would have a hoedown if they weren’t going to find “hoe” jokes funny…they asked for it!

    • Couldn’t agree more! It’s a third-party event so I guess it makes up for some of it – but not that much if you can’t find that funny there is seriously something wrong. The sign is still up though and it’s been a few days so maybe everyone else was just trying to be professional by not bursting into hysterical laughter like I did!

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