Heading North

I’m heading North for a few days, a mini vacation before we continue our wedding weekend marathon.  The Boy is a bit bitter that he doesn’t have vacation days and can’t get time off during the summer, but don’t feel too bad for him he’s planning some serious man-dates this week. 

I’m super excited to have a couple of unplugged days.  And while the weather seems to have turned this morning, (16C) and I can feel the fall air thinking about taking up permanent residence, it’s not raining (as it has every other time we’ve visited this cottage for the last several years) so I’ll take it.

To keep you occupied in my absence I’m sharing some of my favourite blogs and podcasts.  The other day I was thinking that I should really just quit my job and read blogs all day, but alas… earwax.

Crowning Victoria – Are you planning a wedding? Vicki is.  And she’s taking beautiful pictures along the way.  Love her.

1001 Rules for my Unborn Son – Some good advice for boys everywhere… I think I should secretly subscribe The Boy to this one.  While there’s no denying he’s pretty awesome, he could definitely pick up some tips like #451 – You only get one chance to notice her new haircut or #430 – Don’t lie to your doctor.

Raising Amazing Daughters – These lovely ladies may not have posted in a while, but you can enjoy some back log.  The concept is neat, it’s a parenting blog with advice from Mom and her three twenty-something daughters.  They banter about the rules they grew up with, debate their merit and comment on what they think their parents did well, and what annoyed them.  Dad throws in his 2 cents too – short, sweet and hilarious, “I heard Twix is a gateway drug and that bathing suit was $90.”  Dad’s are funny. 

These two preggos are about to pop: The Confessions of a Mrs  – any day now, and if you start to like her be prepared – I’m anticipating a no holds, TMI birth story.  Heather Drive is a little more subtle and a few weeks behind. I may be a bit resentful of her though because she’s at 35 weeks and has only gained 23 lbs… I’m no preggo expert but that seems unfair.

Then there’s the stuff that I listen to and read when I’m looking to geek out…

Socialnomics is a blog (and a book I’m reading) about how social media works, and how to make it work best for you or your company.  It’s full of fun facts, and a new way of looking at the world.


K8 gave me a whole new list to listen to when she was visiting, and I haven’t gotten to most of them yet, but I can’t sing the praises of How Stuff Works too much so I’ll confess my love of Josh and Chuck at Stuff You Should Know once again.  And also their sister podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You.  I haven’t written in to either of them, though I’ve long considered it.  Josh and Chuck have a podcast on How Redheads Work, and Molly and Kristen have one on Are Long-Distance Relationships Doomed?  My two cents – redhead’s are AWESOME, (the rest of you are just jealous) and long-distance relationships can work, but they are NOT easy, and require A LOT of work and a true committment.

So that should occupy you while I’m MIA.  Don’t worry I’ll be back before you know it.  I should have a couple of wedding reviews in tow, and some good Boy stories especially from this next one.

Hope everyone is enjoying these last beautiful August days… and if you have a minute let me know – What other blogs are you reading?  It’s okay, I understand we’re not exclusive, and you see other pages!  Show some comment love and let me know what I’m missing.


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