Phil and Emily – Elegant Country

This August we have three weddings in three weekends.  Each wedding is a different group of friends.  Each one we wanted to attend.  But seriously – three weeks in a row?  Couldn’t they have spread them out a little?  No?  Alright, marathon it is.

The first was a high school friend of the Boy’s, Phil and his blushing beautiful bride Emily.

Meet Phil – this is how everyone that knows Phil would describe him in two words – genuinely nice.  When we were in University, Phil would come out on Friday nights but not Saturday.  It’s not that he had other plans on Saturday, though he was usually hanging out with Emily, it was just that he didn’t like being hung over on Sundays.  You see Phil’s mom liked it if he went to church with her on Sunday.  It’s not that she had said “Phil I want you to go to church with me on Sundays.”  It was more that he just knew that she appreciated when he went with her.  Genuinely Nice. And sweet.  Yes, sweet would be a good word too.

Meet Emily – this is how everyone that knows Emily would describe her in two words – classically beautiful.  In every meaning of the word.  She is gorgeous.  There is no one that would see Emily and think “she’s just okay.”  She’s beautiful.  And to top it off, she’s beautiful on the inside too.  Isn’t that a kicker?  A pretty girl that’s also a genuine sweetheart – what a catch!

That’s why it’s surprising when you find out that Phil and Emily have been dating for 7 years! What have these two beautiful people been waiting for?  Phil used to say that he was going to be the LAST of his friends to get married.  In fact, “If all of my friends are married, I’m going to go out and find new friends that aren’t married – and then be the last of all of them to get married” is a direct quote from Phil.  Congratulations Phil – you’re FAR from the last… in fact – you’re the FIRST!

So because I’ve received a request to review all of the weddings so my wedding bloggers can get ideas I’ll happily oblige.  I’d call Phil and Emily’s wedding “Elegant Country.”  They were married in an adorable small town country church.  Adorable, but HOT.  It was probably 30C + humidity, we walked into the church and up to the balcony, and it was probably 50C in the church.  The Boy ditched his jacket in about 30 seconds. The groomsmen and groom did not get that luxury and looked like they were going to pass out in the heat.  Tip – when you are planning for all weather, include a plan for heat.  The guys probably could have taken off their jackets and still looked formal and handsome, and they wouldn’t have been (as) dripping in sweat.  Hindsight.  They didn’t think it would be THAT hot stand up there.  It was.  They could have ditched the jackets OR strategically placed the fans to blow directly on the wedding party.  To give you an idea, by the end of the ceremony the guys were soaked through their shirts, vests and jackets.  Sexy.

Reception was at 5:30, dinner at 6:30 (probably ended up being closer to 8), was held in the Embro Community Centre.  They had their Buck and Doe there too.  Let me tell you – it did not look the same as it did for their Buck and Doe.  It didn’t look like a community centre at all actually.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Fabric and chandeliers.  Purple and white. Stunning.

The DJ was pretty good, got everyone dancing, food was awesome, and dessert was delicious.  Here was the biggest highlight for me – my shoes.  It might sound selfish, but I’m sorry, it’s true.  I borrowed my mom’s Cole Haan black patent leather pumps and this is what I learned – money might not buy happiness, but it does buy happy feet!  I haven’t made it through a wedding without changing shoes or ditching shoes completely.  Put on these bad boys and danced the night away, I could run a marathon in those things! I’m hoping that by the time this marathon is over I’ll have molded these shoes to my feet and Mom’s feet won’t feel as comfortable in them anymore and then I’ll be forced to take them off her hands.  Somehow I doubt it.

Congratulations Phil and Emily – you guys are two of the sweetest people I know and I’m certain you’ll enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.


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