F is for Family

There’s the family you’re given and the family you choose.  Both are great, but the latter is usually just a little… easier – less dramarama more family fun.   One more activity in our weeks of craziness, I officially became a groupie and saw my second Shred Kelly concert.  I didn’t know it would be possible, but they were even better the second time! They were the headliner, instead of the opener so they were able to play for longer and throw in a few super fun covers – more on that in a minute. The show was in Toronto, and since Toronto is the centre of the universe each band member had friends there to support them and they certainly delivered!

What was even greater than the show was getting together with our chosen family, and in an even rarer occasion – they were ALL there!  This is extremely rare since one is in BC, another in Bermuda, Richmond Hill, Alliston, Newmarket and Guelph – while the last few aren’t such a distance from Toronto, the first two make it difficult for us all to be together.

Proud parents waiting with breath that is bated

So all of us stomped our feet along with Shred Kelly as we sang along and watched one of our own in their element.  We were a proud group that’s for sure!

Now as I’ve mentioned there were some covers this time, and one such cover that my siblings and I became quite nostalgic over, while the Boy and my parents had NO IDEA what was being played.  So for those that remember the National Film Board’s short animated video of The Log Driver’s Waltz that used to be played on the CBC – enjoy.  For those that have no recollection of the time in question here’s a GREAT video for you – enjoy!


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