Jonas and Kristen get hitched – Eco chic

Wedding number 2 of 3.  Jonas and Kristen get hitched.  It was outside, it was green, it was wet, it was beautiful.

How I know Jonas – Through the Boy.  Jonas played varsity volleyball with the Boy for Western.  He’s a farm boy at heart, and so is  the Boy – so they obviously hit it off immediately.  Jonas was my first favourite (you may remember that each year I would pick a favourite – the first year I had a whole team to pick from).  That’s right, sorry other volleyball boys, but Jonas was the first to learn my name and he two-stepped his way into my heart.

Kristen, I don’t know so well.  But I do know that when they first started dating I asked Jonas about her and he had absolutely nothing negative to say.  In fact, he seemed to be quite smitten – and said something to the effect of, “she’s made me realize what has been missing in my life, and in every other relationship I’ve had.”  Anyway, I met her at the wedding and she is delightful and really seems to be a truly perfect match for Jonas.

The wedding.  It was outdoors, at a tree farm.  It was beautifully set up.  They were supposed to be married in a gazebo with their guests sitting on perfectly rounded bales of hay.  Unfortunately, it poured.  Not just a sprinkle… POURED DOWN RAIN ALL DAY LONG.  Their 7 o’clock wedding was rained out.  Luckily they had a tent for backup.  Unfortunately, it was the perfect setting for mosquitoes and they FEASTED on my feet all through the ceremony.  What luck.  We spoke with the owner of the tree farm and he said they have the whole tree farm irrigated because it NEVER rains there.  It passes right over, maybe sprinkles for a few minutes – but NEVER does it rain for the ENTIRE DAY!

They didn’t let that stop them from a foot-stompin’ good time.  Live music, roast beef shipped in from Jonas’ family farm in Saskatchewan, friends we haven’t seen in a few months, all without putting a serious tax on the environment.  One word.  Beautiful.  If the weather had cooperated, it would have been stunning.  But there’s something about seeing two people not let the weather stop them from enjoying their perfect day!

Congratulations Jonas and Kristen! So excited you’re living in Ontario we hope to see you soon!

Wildflowers in old mason jars with some much needed citronella candles - beautiful!


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