Crossing things off and taking names

Well maybe not taking names but nonetheless I can’t be stopped! I’m a knitting fool! Finally after many many months of these socks sitting in a bag.  They are finished.  Socks for the Boy!  Socks for the winter, so that he can stop freezing me out with his colder than ice toes.  HURRAY! Better than that I’m down to 100 things on my 101 list!

When I said I would knit socks for the happy sustainable couple, the Boy was a doubter.  He said, “You’re going to finish a pair in two weeks when it has taken you 8 months to finish mine?”  Give me a deadline baby and I’ll get ‘er done, no deadline results in 1 and a half socks sitting in a bin untouched for many months.

But madly finishing those socks got me on a role, and I was able to finish up the pair for the Boy in no time.  Just in time for fall… too bad it’s 35C outside today.  Not really ideal sock wearing temperature.  Oh well, I just had to finish them, I don’t control their wearability.

This winter we’re going to have some happy feet – look how happy he is already…

I told him to "look excited"... yikes.


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  1. I posted my own 101 list today. I’d been thinking about doing one for a long time, but when I read yours I was finally inspired to do mine. So now you can cross another thing off your list.

    Great socks!

    • Oh Shucks, thanks Andrea. Socks aren’t too hard as long especially if you’ve got someone that can turn the heal with you. It’s not hard it basically requires trusting that the pattern knows what it’s talking about. I’ll have to figure out how to teach it over my blog – these socks have gotten a lot of attention!

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