“You know I hate reading while watching a movie!”

TIFF starts this week and to honour it our local Blockbuster is making last year’s TIFF movies available and prominent.  The Boy and I were wandering aimlessly, looking for some movie we haven’t seen and could agree on, (and yes I realize we are probably the only people left that still go to Blockbuster) when the Boy found Max Manus: Man of War.  It’s a Norwegian movie about WWII in Norway, the underground resistance and war hero Max Manus. I agreed it looked pretty good, interesting and non-Hollywood so we headed to the cash.

Once there our friendly Blockbuster sales associate tells us that the movie is in Norwegian and subtitled, but it can be switched to a version dubbed in English.  He told us to switch it go into settings and switch to “English.”  Thanks Sherlock.  I paid little attention – surely we could figure it out or simply watch with subtitles.

We get home, get comfy and put in the movie.  The DVD menu screen comes up, our options are “Play Movie” and “Trailer.” Hmmm, weird. Well maybe he meant to switch the settings on the DVD player – seems a strange way to do it but whatever.  We tried that.  Language button, “1/1 Nor Digital 5.1” hmm… weird.

Me – “Why don’t we just watch it with subtitles.”

Boy – “Meaghan, you know I hate reading while watching a movie! Why would he tell us it was dubbed if it’s not?”

Me – “I don’t know. But you don’t notice you’re reading after the first few minutes you know.” (after a few seconds of thought and no response from the Boy at my further suggestion we just watch the movie) “Maybe we’re doing something wrong – Google it.  Google will know what to do.”

Boy Googled but to no avail.  So I did what any reasonable person would do with a boy that cries when he has to watch subtitles.  I called in for back-up.  I called Blockbuster.  They were very helpful,

BB – “On the menu screen it should say Settings, go to that and choose English.”

Me – “There isn’t anything on the screen that says Settings.”

BB – “Really?  Let me go get the movie” (Clearly not believing the silly girl on the other end of the phone.)  “Huh! You’re right! There isn’t that option.  But on the back it says Languages: Norwegian, English.  Do you have a language feature on your DVD player?  Can you switch it from Norwegian to English?

Me – “Yes, I tried that. It says 1/1 Nor.”

Blockbuster boy decides it must be a misprint, if we really don’t want to watch it with subtitles we can bring it back and get a different movie.  Well, at least we weren’t outsmarted by the DVD player!

The Boy decides he’ll suffer through the subtitles and after half an hour of these shenanigans we start the movie.  Turns out it’s really awesome! I highly recommend it.  The best part is when Max finds himself in Scotland and they start speaking English! After a few minutes of this I say to the Boy, “I guess this is why it says Norwegian and English – this is the English part.”  The Boy responds, “Oh yeah! I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t reading anymore.  You know you really don’t notice the subtitles after about 5 minutes or so.”  THAT’S WHAT I SAID!

So once again, I find we’ve repeated an all too familiar pattern.

  1. I suggest trying something new.
  2. Boy says, “I hate said new thing I’ve never tried or have rarely tried.”
  3. We try new thing out of necessity or because I’ve somehow managed to trick the Boy that it will be fine and he should just suck it up.
  4. Boy says, “This new thing is great! Why don’t we do this and new things in general more often!”
  5. Me – Argh.

Familiar to anyone else out there?


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