The Classics Are BACK ON!

Oh Fall TV schedule.  You always bring with you the promise of new shows, new episodes, and new schedules.  Sometimes I get frustrated when you change the days of me shows like when you decided all me shows should not be on one convenient TV night (Monday for the record) and then you change it up… why would you put Big Bang on Thursday?  Monday was a perfectly good day.  I get short-tempered as I try and figure out how I’m going to rework my schedule and then – Christian Television Network saves the day.

They’re bringing back the classics.  Three words… MAD ABOUT YOU.  Two more…. FAMILY TIES.  Three more THE COSBY SHOW.  And a final three… THE WONDER YEARS.  That’s right all the classics are back and they’re starting from the beginning.  Just when I’m angry with TV and think I’m going to have more time to read, knit, or run – it pulls me back in with the shows of my youth.

Fall is here, and it’s time to hibernate.
Two more words – OLSON TWINS (that’s right, FULL HOUSE!)


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    • Agreed. That’s my problem too! I was so content with the 1 1/2 TV nights, but now there’s good TV on every night of the week – AND old shows t’boot! Terrible. And by terrible I mean awesome.

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