Somebody loves me

The Boy and I spent the weekend apart.  It’s a pretty rare occasion, but we managed.  Anyway, I got home Sunday and the Boy had a treat.  A sweet treat from his mom.  A cookie treat.

He had gone home on Friday and searched for cookies, to no avail.  But his mom, happy to have him home whipped some up over the weekend.  Chocolate Macaroons.  A Christmas treat in my house, apparently a “my son is home and is looking for cookies” treat in his. So comes into the living room eating one Sunday night.  He gave me a bite.

But the love doesn’t stop there.

I asked him if he had a dozen cookies in his lunch that he wasn’t telling me about.  He said no.  Only 4 more. I asked if there was one for my lunch.  “If you want one you, you can take it out of my lunch bag.” I didn’t.  I thought, if I don’t take it I won’t eat it.

So I didn’t take one.

What did I find this morning when I got up?  A single cookie – waiting for me in a Ziploc bag.

That’s sacrifice.

That’s love!


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