Jesse and Krystle tie the knot – Guests harass the Boy and I

I’m a little behind the ball on this one, but the Boy and I did wrap up our wedding marathon at a Friday evening wedding the last week of August.  This wedding was for all descriptive purposes, a traditional wedding.  They were married outside at a golf course.  They did not get rained out, Jonas and Kristen styles and instead had a beautiful sunny day.  There were drinks enjoyed by all, a plated dinner and lots of time for dancing.  The speeches were short, dinner flew by, the whole day went off without a hitch.  The result of a short dinner and short speeches was LOTS of time for dancing.  While I love the dancing, a Friday night wedding – it’s kinda tiring.  Most people had worked all day, so by the time 11:30 came around and I was thinking it was just about over – apparently we had only just begun.  Nonetheless, we had a great time and it was really nice to see everyone.

The real story of Jesse and Krystle’s wedding was all of the attention the Boy and I garnered due to the lack of bling on this girl’s left hand.  Jesse and the Boy had played hockey together, so we saw a lot of the Boy’s old friends.  This group has known the Boy and I as a couple from the beginning.  On top of that, it’s a small town, people tend to get married a little younger and our lack of progress in that department certainly has NOT gone unnoticed.

At one point, the Boy was introducing me to a couple at our table, I said hello and mentioned that I had met them before, but it was a long time ago and at their own Buck and Doe – they very likely did not remember me.  The couple laughed, “Our buck and doe was SO long ago – that was like… 6 years and 2 kids ago!”  Wow, that is a long time ago. That was the first time we got hit, “So are you guys married yet?”

It started. As is my go to response for this question I held up my left hand and said “NOPE!” in my best “We’re not engaged and I can’t believe it and I wish this guy would get off his ass already” voice.  The boy, in his go to response laughed it off and responded with something along the lines of “What’s the rush?” in his best “I’m a guy and I’ve never given the idea any thought, and I am completely oblivious to the tone of my beautiful girlfriend’s voice right now” voice. Jokes all around and we continued with dinner.

But it didn’t stop there. Every time we turned around we met someone new that had recently been inducted into the married club and was eager to know when we would be joining.  I thought it was funny at first – but after a while I really started to feel bad for the Boy. It’s a lot of pressure on him.  And hey, we’re in this together.  It’s not like we haven’t talked about it, or have plans of our own.  We’re a team and my lack of bling has been just as much my decision as his.

Now, here’s the deal loyal followers, it’s true the Boy and I have been together an awfully long time.  We’re coming up on 8 years at the end of the month. But we’ve also been in school for all but the last year. For 3 years of that time we lived in different cities.  So no. We’re not married.  Would I like to be planning a wedding right now? Secretly, (and not so secretly) but between you me and the wall SURE! Do I give the Boy a hard time about the lack of bling?  Of course.  Do I find it funny when other people give him a hard time?  Absolutely.  But when he’s getting it from every side of the room, every time he turns around? Well, my protective side starts brewing and my Feminist side pipes in.

So I stopped siding with the inquiring minds and started siding with the Boy.  I stopped giving the answer of “No we’re not, why don’t you talk to him about that.”  Instead opting for “No we’re not, we’re still getting to know each other. Taking it slow and making sure we’re really right for each other. It’s a big decision – not one to be rushed into.”  Also known as the “Stuff it married club, I don’t need a membership to your snooty organization to know that my boy loves me – after all he left me a cookie the other day” defense.

So no, loyal followers we’re not married.  Maybe someday.  Maybe even someday soonish, or sooner rather than later.  Maybe 2011 or maybe 2020.  When it happens, it happens. I plan on being very excited, and very happy.  And I’ll be sure to tell you all about it. But for now we’re just two kids living in sin, and loving every minute of it.

Jesse and Krystle – congratulations. Your wedding was beautiful.  Unfortunately while we were being harassed by your other guests my camera died.  So we have no actual proof of being present at your wedding.  But I promise we were there, and it was lovely.


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