Torture Device or God-send?

So Mom and I are at the Knitter’s Fair and we’re buying up all kinds of beautiful yarn, but many of our finds come in skeins.  Fo you non-knitters – well this post may not be that interesting, but nonetheless a skein is basically yarn that is not yet wound into a ball.  You can’t knit straight from the skein you have to wind it first you’ll find yourself with a HUGE mess.  I love undoing knots – but this is ridiculous.  Winding is a must.

So Mom is hmming and hawwing over buying a wool winder.  She’s decided that she definitely could use one and we set out to find the best price.  That’s the beauty of having 70 vendors in one spot – it makes for some quick and easy price comparisons.  Anyway, we find the best price – but wait.  Do you need an umbrella too (used to hold the skein, it spins while you wind the yarn)?  We ask the sales people.  They give us a song and dance about how it makes life much easier and while you could use one without the other, if you’re buying one why not buy both.

At this point I was thinking – wow you are good sales people.  All this thing does is hold the yarn, you could use anything.  A chair.  Another person’s arms.  You don’t need this umbrella contraption.  As I was thinking this a couple of women (leaning more to the hippie side of the spectrum) walked by, and said “Don’t listen to them, you don’t need it  – just use two straight back chairs or recruit a kid.  That’s what I do.”  Well, that’s what I was thinking.  But Mom said, I don’t really have straight back chairs and my kids are gone. Still debating when another knitter came up to the cash.  She looked to be about my mom’s age, and less of a hippie, and she said “Just get both, it will honestly change your life.  It’s so much easier that I’m buying my daughter her own – she’s moved away and we can’t share anymore, so I’m getting her one too. It’s worth the money.”  Sold.  Mom was convinced and I was leaning more towards well, (though life changing seemed a bit of a stretch) if it makes it easier why not.

We brought it home and set it up.  A new toy.  I’m telling you.  It. is. awesome! How did we survive before? It spins a ball in less than 5 minutes.  That takes a good hour when you do it by hand. Brilliant.  And it’s fun.  Well not best day ever fun, but enough fun that I volunteered to wind all of the skeins we had bought.

So for all of the knitters out there – it’s worth the investment (even more so if your Mom buys it and you can just use it whenever you need).

Voila Beautiful!


2 responses

  1. Last night I started a new crochet project and I rolled the damn balls by hand. Not only did it take forever, but the dogs noticed what I was doing about halfway through and decided that they wanted to play too. The whole time I was thinking man do I need a winder. I’m definitely investing in one of these.

    • DO IT! OMG it’s so awesome. I can’t even describe. And yes, you could just get the winder if you were feeling budget concious but the umbrella really does make things so much faster and easier.

      I read your post BTW – DIMES? Are you kidding me? How do these people find you?

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