I got home last night and the worst had happened.  No, the Boy had not brought processed cheese slices home from the grocery store.  Worse than that.  Our cable was out.


No TV = Not a big deal; No Internet = A bit of a bigger deal, but if it was that alone – no big deal; No Phone = No big deal.  BUT No TV + No Internet + No Phone = Disaster!

I started using Rogers as an explitive and since the Boy had my cell phone I couldn’t even call for service because of course – my phone wasn’t working!  Brutal.

Anyway, today is the 8th anniversary of the night I met the Boy.  I was going to tell you the story of how we met, but that seems a bit long to do at work.  So you’ll have to wait until I am reunited with my Internet at home.

For now I will leave you with this video – It’s Premiere Week, and if Rogers can’t fix my cable for the premiere of Glee tonight I may just lose my mind.



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