Sacrificing Glee to Make New Friends

Does your mom ever try to set you up on play dates?  Does she meet people, misinform them on what you do and then suggest that you email them so you can correct the misinformation she has provided?  My mom does.  And you know what? Her intentions are good and as it turns out my play date was super awesome.

There was a small con which was I missed Glee – I know I can’t believe it either and my new friends… they couldn’t believe it either.  We were supposed to meet on Wednesday but we rescheduled for Tuesday night – Glee night, only they didn’t realize it was Glee night.  So we met, and first things first discussed our mutual love of all things Glee.

Then, on to business.  Martha and Dustin are a lovely couple that my family knows through our old church. They both work for VocaLinks.  They support people (specifically kids) with disabilities learn with assistive and interactive technology.  They are basically improving equity in access to education.  Hmm… who do I know who has a Masters Degree in that very topic.  Oh wait that’s ME!

I talked to them about what I’m doing at work (creating online modules) and that I’m still trying to figure out what my next steps are.  Well isn’t it nice to talk to people share similar passions and have figured out a way to get paid for it.

I really thought that the specifics of my MEd were never going to make an appearance in my life again – but here it is.  And you know what?  It’s awesome.  Even if nothing comes of it – it’s great to know the possibility exists.  That’s the thing about the twenties… it’s a big messy ball but the glimpses of light keep me plowing through.

BTW I thought I would catch Glee on time-shifting later last night – no dice.  Then I thought it would be on time-shifting tonight.  Nada.  Curses!


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