You Tube Fridays

Shockingly enough, my Dad didn’t send me any videos this week.  I had to do some research on my own.  But you know, You Tube really does find you.  A video on a topic you’ve been thinking about will make its way into your life.  I wish I had the full skit here, I’ve looked on Global – curse American stations for not allowing international access!  But nada.

Alas, this week You Tube is providing me some insight into a topic I just spoke with a colleague about over lunch.  Money.  Savings. Debt. Stuff. 

The Boy and I have been co-bank accounting for a couple of months now and it’s going pretty well.  We’ve been able to put money away every month, and the number in our savings account is actually growing.  Awesome.  There’s just one problem.  The Boy and I have different ideas about what to do with that money.  Both of us like to watch the numbers grow, so we debate between not touching it and you know… needing stuff.  Example: the Boy does not have any winter clothes.  No, he has not just moved here from some sort of tropical climate.  He has been in school the last 5 years and has only bought clothes as necessary, and more often hasn’t bought them at all and only acquires new clothes when I buy them for him, or friends forget their shirts at his house – (Boy – you know the shirt I’m talking about, don’t deny it!).  So fall is here (ain’t it pretty!)  and the Boy’s wardrobe is in dire straights. 

Don’t worry, we have a plan.  It involves our trip to Florida and a combination of in-store and online shopping (it’s a lot of work to clothe a 6’8″ frame).  Where is that money going to come from? Savings is my thought – seems rational.  The Boy, he’d like to spend some savings money on a new TV.  We don’t need a new TV.  We have a TV.  Boy’s clothes have very real holes in them.  We need clothes for the Boy.  It seems we’re at odds.

Luckily YouTube is here to help.

But YouTube can’t do all of the work.  I’d like to know – how do you allocate your savings?


3 responses

  1. Saving is a pretty new thing for me…something I’ve only been able to do in the last year or so. But what I’ve been doing is saving into separate accounts. The bulk goes into an emergency fund. Then some is allocated for vacations, major purchases and seasonal clothes shopping. How much goes into each fund depends on which I”m going to need first…closer to the end of a season, more gets allocated to clothes….that kind of thing.

    Good luck with the Boy’s clothes shopping. I just discovered several boxes of brand new clothes that J has never worn…you are welcome to come shopping at my house…though J is only 6’2.

  2. lucky for me, my fiance is in finance and is super organized (and obsessed) with setting up savings accounts for everything you can possibly imagine. needless to say, we have a wedding saving account, personal, joint, dog “insurance” savings, mortgage, etc. etc. etc.

    ps you’re in my “tribe”. hi!

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