All Moved In

No the Boy and I have not made our trek back to the centre of the Universe, aka Toronto.  I have simply completed our move to Newmarket.  Yes, we did move in a year ago.  Yes, I noted the last box already a while ago.  I had good intentions… but I didn’t do it.  Instead the last box has been sitting in our bedroom for the last year.  Neatly tucked away.  But there. Mocking me.  Untouched in a year – clearly most of it was garbage, and yet for some reason its sat there.  Untouched.  Un-unpacked.

You know how it is.  You’re packing up to move and you pack your junk drawer.  Then you move. You move in with a Boy who doesn’t like the very concept of a junk drawer.   And you elude yourself into thinking that it’s just junk from the junk drawer – you’ll go through it, get rid of the stuff you don’t need (probably most of it) and you’ll put the few things that aren’t junk into an appropriate place and get rid of the junk.

And then you never do. It just sits there – out of the way.  Un-unpacked.

But this weekend I did it.  In my complete clean of the apartment.  I decided to not continue to overlook that box.  I unpacked it.  And while 90% of it was garbage, I found a photo album and a framed picture of my cousins, thank you cards, mini Christmas ornaments and a floating shelf.  Worth the effort.

And best of all I get to cross another thing off my list!


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