Sticking it out… for now

Thanks everyone for the comment love today.

Here’s my decision.  I’m giving this book the long weekend.  I’m going to try and power through. And if I can’t do it – I’m going to cut my losses and end the relationship.

I’m no quitter – but I’m also 300 pages in and nothing!

I’m listening to the reviews that say it picks up in the second half… and if it doesn’t improve I’m listening to the reviews that said – don’t read books you don’t like.

Stay tuned.


3 responses

  1. I too feel guilty and get all defensive when I give up on a half-read book… but I have recently started to rationalize it this way-

    It is as much the writer’s task to hold the reader’s attention, as much it a reader’s to pay attention…

    Don’t feel guilty, I say 🙂

  2. I’ve never given up on a book before but I have been close! I’ve not read this series, so many people love it but I’m not that taken by the thought of it. I think after your review I’ll give it a miss for now. Good luck!

  3. Well I’ll report back and give my full review if I’m able to stick it out. Something actually happened in the pages I read last night – so we’ll see.
    Thanks for stopping in!

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