Some days…

Some days you wake up and wish you could just stay in your pajamas under the covers all day.

Some days you go to work and feel done with the whole show.  You feel like you need a change of scenery and are a little mad at yourself for not meeting a goal you’ve set for yourself to find a new job.

Some days you find yourself comparing your stage in life to others… and you have a moment of feeling like your life is a bit behind the 8-ball. You’re not even sure the job you want let alone where to find it!

Some days you just feel like going home, feeling sad, having a little cry and maybe some comfort food.

And then some days you get a haircut and you love your stylist because he makes you feel like a rock star!


And then some days you come home, have grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner and you feel better.

But some days you watch Glee and it tricks you, because it’s a sad one and despite feeling a little better – you have a little cry anyway.

And you still feel better.  Because in a weird way this particular episode of Glee puts things in perspective. You’re okay.  And your life is good.  You’re healthy, you have a family who loves you, and you’re really happy with your life and your boy (even if he comes home and doesn’t comment on your cute new haircut).

Some days, you’re happy with every decision you’ve made to bring you to this stage in your life.

What do you do when you have a sad day?


11 responses

  1. My daughter just learned to wink this week…it’s the cutest thing!

    I don’t watch GLEE until Friday…I’m anxious to see it now.

    Sooo sorry that you’re sad, but those little rituals do help don’t they? I like to write in my journal when I’m sad.

    • Love it! Love when little ones learn new things. I’ll always remember when one of my cousins learned to snap. He just walked around the house snapping his fingers together like it was the bee’s knees. And when we asked him what he was doing, he just responded “Snappin'” Funny.
      There’s LOTS of singing this week – that’s all I’ll give you.

  2. on sad days i stay in sweats (if possible), drink tea, indulge in my favorite shows/movies, talk it out w/ craig (my fiance) and make a comforting (but easy) dinner.

    hope today is better : )

    • Who doesn’t heart Glee – nerds an squares as far as I can tell. The days are brighter – that’s the great thing about stand alone sad days, they seem so silly the next day.

  3. I’ve had an overabundance of sad days lately. I try to just press on and get my shit done … but then I go home, have a glass of wine and a good cry, and drug myself into going to bed early 🙂 Problem solved!

  4. Here from the flipper tribe.

    I so have some of those days. And now I am craving a grilled cheese sandwich. The recent Martha Stewart Living magazine I was browsing through yesterday had a ton of “grown-up” grilled cheese sandwiches that all looked so very yummy.

    And this last Glee was wonderful.

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