Quick and Dirty Art

Oh Blog world.  How I love thee.  I’m spending the next couple of weeks creating a little blog community from the larger blog town I’m part of over at SITS.  If you’re a blogger and you haven’t checked out SITS what are you waiting for?  It’s an awesome community of women bloggers spreading the comment love to their fellow female bloggers.

Anyway one of my new friends Cailen posted this fun little activity yesterday and I thought what a perfect way to unwind after a 12 hour work day.

It didn’t take a lot of time (hence “Quick and Dirty”) and the result is beautiful art!

Here’s the deal:

{i} type your answer to each of the following prompts into flickr search.
{ii} using only the first page, pick an image that catches your eye.
{iii} copy and paste the image url into mosaic maker (change to 3 rows, 3 columns)
1. your middle name: Ialeen – I didn’t like the one option available with that search, so I cheated and used my last name, good thing there’s no right and wrong when it comes to art!
2. least favorite food: dill pickles
3. favorite gemstone: diamond. (hint hint)
4. dream car: mazda 3 (zoom zoom, and also I couldn’t really think of anything)
5. ideal job: writer (I know I was surprised too)
6. fave superhero: batman
7. favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
8. favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird
9. fave animal: puppy
Give it a try – it’s pretty fun!

13 responses

  1. Nice! I think this tribe thingy is working…I sat down and did this last night as well. In a funny kind of way, I think it really captures my personality! I love the puppy in yours, as well as the cookie monster (yes?).

    Have a great night!

    • That’s why it’s quick and dirty Reenie – it really doesn’t take any time at all. Who says a little creative outlet at work was a bad thing… unless you’re a surgeon… then you should probably attend strictly to business at work. Send it to me when you get a minute to try one!

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