Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the North country we don’t let consumerism dictate when we gather with our family.  We like to give thanks for the bountiful harvest at actual harvest time instead of 30 shopping days left before Christmas. I know my American readers will think it odd – but this weekend was Thanksgiving north of the border.  And it was… delicious.

Thanksgiving tops the list as far as favourite holidays for me.  It’s a stressless long weekend that’s all about the food and family. Not too much to get ready beforehand, no stressing out that you haven’t yet found the perfect something for everyone on your list. Just food.  Delicious food.

The Boy and I headed to my parents for the weekend.  It was the first holiday in a LONG time that we didn’t split between two families and stuff ourselves silly eating TWO turkey dinners.  While we love that our families live close enough that we can see everyone – I can’t deny it, it was nice not to travel.

Instead we spent the weekend catching up with BFF Kate, in for the weekend from Edmonton, and hanging out with the fam.  The Boy spent his weekend doing boy things, building shelves, putting together a work bench, golfing and sorting out my brother’s goofy handed golf swing (he grips left, but shoots right – freak).  I spent the weekend doing girl things, namely knitting, helping with dinner, going on Starbucks runs, drinking tea, and tearing out said knitting only to start again.

It was a full weekend, but relaxing.  The only thing the Boy and I didn’t really do… hang out with eachother! Tonight, date night.


The Boy's favourite part of dinner... well everyone's really.


Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. Debbie just asked in my comments if we share the same food as our neighbours to the South.  And I just don’t know.  So – what’s your favourite food at Thanksgiving?


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    • Hi Debbie! Good question – Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, turnips and apple, carrots, beans, salad with beats, apple pie and pumpkin pie all graced our table this weekend – what’s on your table at Thanksgiving? I’m totally updating my post to add in that question – what’s your favourite?

  1. Um, yum. I should have thought about this long before now… but because I’m in Michigan (and thereby so close to the north country) I should get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice… right?!? 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed it!

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