Does twice count as “routine?”

Alright blogland, I’m committing here. I’m becoming a swimmer. I’ve been twice. I’ve gotten up with the Boy at 6:30 and headed to the pool. It has taught me the following things:

1. My lung capacity is laughable
2. 6:30 is COLD
3. My general level of fitness is pathetic
4. The pool is empty at 6:45 with only a couple of old people who I don’t feel judged by
5. Sometimes if you get there at the right time – there’s no one there to take your money and you get to swim for free.

There you have it. It’s my effort to get some kind of physical exercise. My goal is three times a week, and increasing the number of laps I do each time by at least 1.

Baby steps.

What do you do for exercise? If you exercise in the morning what do you like to eat beforehand? I’m finding I’m starving and super dehydrated by the time I get home. I’ll have to fix that.


One response

  1. moksha yoga! i do moksha yoga. haaaawt sweaty yoga feels sooooo darned good.

    i also runrunrunrunrun on the treadmill at the gym.

    and it makes me feel like… a new woman.

    so good to see you yesterday!

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