Quitting my job to pursue life as a blog reader

This world of blogging is a funny one. Since I’ve joined SITS I’ve been opened up to a whole new world, of people all over the world, of all ages and stages.  What’s funny is… I feel like I know them.

Take Molly.  If you’ll recall she was the one that reinvigorated my blog.  I had taken a hiatus over the winter, but unknowingly she got me going again, and I haven’t looked back.  A couple of months ago Molly made an announcement. These Little Moments was finally welcoming This Little Baby into the world. I was sitting at home when I read it and said to the Boy, “Molly had her baby!” To which he obviously replied, “Who is Molly?”  When I reminded him he said, “You don’t even know her, why are you so excited?”  I was a bit affronted.  Of course I know her.  I’ve been following This Little Baby’s progress for months now!

Next up, Pajama Days.  I first found this blog the day she was featured on Freshly Pressed.  Normally that would be a GREAT day! But her post was on the death of a very dear family member, her dog.  I cried.  A lot.  I thought, I should go back here, but Pajama Days got lost in the mix until she was featured again on Freshly Pressed (*slightly jealous).  I thought, “Oh! I remember liking her, I wonder what she’s up to now?”  What I found after some snooping – she was expecting, and is now the proud mother to a tiny new bundle of fluff Luna.  Hurray!  Once again, so excited for her… I do not know these people.  But I do.

And it’s not just limited to blogs.  I feel a personal relationship with my podcasters too.  Josh and Chuck? I love these guys!  I’m still catching up but in one I listened to the other day, Josh announced he had quit smoking.  I was overjoyed!  Hurray! Good for you Josh! That’s such great news!  Then I heard a podcast on How Redheads Work, ahem, I am a redhead!  It’s like they’re speaking right to me.  Then they said their dream would be meet a left-handed redhead, because that would just be the best of all rarities.  Well I may not be left handed, but my dear old Dad sure is, and a redhead (well, more a grayhead but at one time it was red).  C’mon over to my house guys – he’ll entertain you with fun facts for hours.

Enter SITS who sends me an email every morning with a new and exciting blog to read.  Some of them are not for me, focussed on crafts for toddlers, or life in the mommy world.  But then SITS did something wonderful.  They introduced a forum feature on their page, and created a further opportunity to get to know a smaller group of bloggers, based on similarities between blogs.  If you check out the comments you may have noticed an abundance of them in the last week or so.  I’m a Flipper, and Flippers write Popouri blogs (a little bit of everything).  Let’s just say, I. am. in. HEAVEN! 

The only problem, now I’ve got a whole new slew of blogs to read everyday on my Google Reader – I just don’t have the time for this AND working… I see only one solution.  Quit working.  Seems reasonable to me. Better than additional readers for me, and extra comment love a couple of the Flippers (in response to one of the daily tasks for our group) asked me to guest post on their blogs.  OMG! It’s like I’m famous.  In return there will be some new talent here, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

So  here’s some of the new faces I’m getting to know – I HIGHLY suggest you get to know them too.  They’re women, and they write a little bit about everything.  Honestly, what could be better?!

A Little Cup of Comfort

Does this Blog Make Me Look Fat?

Dutch Being Me

Formerly Gracie

Lifestyle Maven

Modern Gypsy

No Longer 25

Reenie’s Scribbles

Stuff I Think About

The Young and Relentless

I don’t think I missed anyone – but Flippers if you’re not here let me know so I can stop missing your awesomeness!

What other blogs should I be reading?  Do you have other favourites?


8 responses

  1. Oh girlie, don’t you know that Nie Nie and CJane and The Nester are all my best friends? My husband thinks I’m a little bonkers too! Anyway, I totally understand. Every couple of months I “quit” my little blog but all the stories, tutorials and sheer gorgeousness out there in Blogland calls me back!

    Stopped by from SITS.

  2. I do the same thing re: talking to J about other bloggy ladies and referring to them by their first names. The thing is…I do feel like I know them. I follow their lives more than in IRL friends sometimes. And I actually have become very friendly with a few ladies…one in particular, who I am traveling to GA to visit in two weeks. I see nothing wrong with any of this and Boy just doesn’t understand because he’s…well, a boy!

    Also, I know what you mean about time. I would love to quit my job and blog all day. Maybe someday when I win the lotto!

  3. Gosh, thanks for the shout out to all of us! I totally know what you mean. I followed a lot of blogs anyway, and I joined the SITS thing thinking, “Wow, how am I going to follow 10 more people?” And then our group kept growing and growing! But I’m enjoying getting to know everyone.

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