I’m hungry

I need help.  Food on the go. Must be: Healthy.  Filling.  The Boy must like it.  It could be heated up before he leaves, but it has to be quick and hot food is generally a little slower.  If it could be consumed in the car while driving (I know not safe – but necessary) all the better.  He doesn’t like sandwiches unless they are gourmet (ie. have lots of stuff in them) and have been made just before consumption.

The Boy is a travelling mad man these days.  He’s working his regular 7-3:30 and then he ships himself off an hour east to Oshawa and assistant coaches a college men’s volleyball team.  He’s tired.  He’s hungry.  And I’d prefer that he not eat McDonalds three times a week, because it’s gross and expensive.

I need help.  I need something or somethings that can either feed him for a week, or be frozen in smaller portions to be taken out as needed with some variety.

Your mission – tell me, what should I feed the boy?


7 responses

  1. Smoothies with protein powder! Soy or whey.
    You can pre-portion the fruit in baggies in the freezer so it’s extra quick. Be sure to buy straws for easy drinking on the go.

  2. Wow, we eat on the run all of the time, but I can’t think of a single thing at the moment!

    Is he a snacker? I find that it’s easier to eat several small meals on the go rather than a full one. Trail mix, Cliff bars, 100 calorie packs, etc. The mini strawberry newtons are great, as are pop tarts (you can get these in whole grain and low fat too!)

    It is hard to do and be healthy, but he’s lucky that you’re giving it so much thought!

  3. J’s been doing the same thing lately…he’s taking a class and he has to run out the door the second we get home from work. He’s been eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately because I’m not as nice as you. Seriously…I’ve been considering this for several minutes and other than sandwiches and things like granola bars…I’ve got nothing. I’m going through the entire contents of my fridge in my mind and there really isn’t much that can be consumed while driving. Sorry…that was a lot of words for something that was absolutely no help!

  4. I love making burritos and freezing them individually for quick, on the go meals. I combine 1 can Ro-Tel, 2 cans black beans, 1 can pinto beans, 1 can corn, a bunch of rice and a bunch of jack cheese plus some spices and then fill up whole wheat tortillas. They take 2 minutes to heat up and can be eaten with your hands.

    • Love Love Love it. I actually made something similar last night for dinner (and for lunch today). The Boy’s response, these are good… but you know I don’t like beans. ARGH! He actually requested tofu (gasp) or chicken (which does not a meatless Tuesday make). I never thought of freezing them wrapped (or freezing the filling individually for that matter). Good call! Thanks so much!

  5. Monday is the day that I cook for the week ahead (it’s also my day off)- since when was I so organized??? This week was a big pan of lasagne with homemade sauce and a pot of squash soup. While these aren’t foods to eat on the run… they are in the fridge, ready to go when I blow in from work with only 15 minutes to eat before I have somewhere else to be. During the day… Kashi bars and loads of fruits and veggies. You really can’t go wrong…

    It takes time on Monday… but is worrrrrth it for the rest of the week.

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