It’s not something I really have. The Boy has definitely told me a time or two that he cannot believe I used to do ballet – (getting to be longer and longer ago) graceful is not a word he associates with me.  I am always shocked and appalled of course, even though the day-to-day reality would probably point closer to his truth than mine.

But eloquent, especially with words – I don’t know if I’m that. I like to write (obviously, I blog after all) and I’m told (although it always makes me blush) that I’m pretty good at it.  But I was catching up on one of my SITS tribe blogs, Reenie’s Scribbles this morning and while describing her hesitation about returning to school Reenie wrote that it shouldn’t surprise her because “it is part of my nature to make myself a cocoon every once in a while, just to harvest my butterflies.”  I thought what an eloquent way of saying that.

I also thought how true that is for me, the Capitol “I” Introvert.  I need time alone in order to be my best.  Even though I would never put it in such poetic language, I still appreciate the sentiment. 

Just thought I’d share it with you – you know to class up this here blog of mine.  Make it a little more graceful, and a little more eloquent.  You know, for a like a day. 

Also – check out Reenie’s site and you never know…

 you may find her here someday soon.


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  1. Okay so I got your comment about your problem with food and feeding your husband. So many ideas running thru my head right now but you can make healthy egg rolls ahead of time and just freeze them. He can warm them up and then just eat while he is in the car. You could make lasgna rolls instead of lasagna and that is something else he can pick up and eat as long as you crisp it up at the end of baking. Or you could make him my mac n cheese cups that are on my kids site. they are great for kids and adults! Hope I helped some! Thanks for stopping by today and commenting. I really appreciate it! XOXO Jessica

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