You’re quirky… I like that

That’s what I was told yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited.  I did some work at work yesterday (novel concept, I know) on Logic Models and Theory of Change models.  Oh man, call me dorky – but I loved it.

So what did I do? I seized the opportunity and spoke to the facilitator.  Turns out it was worth it because she could see that I was enjoying the work, and that I “got” it.  We talked for a few minutes about opportunities to work for her – lo and behold there may be something there.  Not full-time.  But something.  I’ll take it.

Her review of my abilities (we’ve spent three days together now) I’m a critical thinker, like multiple projects, love learning, and “you’re quirky, I like that.”  Apparently I remind her of herself, and as she is nearing retirement – she’s looking for help and not able to do absolutely everything herself.

Me thinks this could be a wonderful opportunity and with me working full-time plus some, and the Boy working full-time plus some will make for a busy household.  But a busy house is a happy house – so I’ll take that too!

Fingers crossed!

How have you tapped into your networks?


2 responses

  1. That is very cool! I hope this connection is fruitful for you. I used to do a lot of poetry readings, and through a good friend who organizes readings, I ended up selling my mosaics at one of her amazing creative events–“Poetry Noir”–film noir movie at a theater, with poetry inspired by the film and mosaics I made in black and white. Your networks are never “defunct” if you keep in touch with the people in them.

    • Thanks Margaret. I’m excited at the opportunity. We’ll see if it pans out or not. I get the women I work with to practice their “cocktail” statements – letting everyone and anyone know what you’re looking for. Hopefully it works out for me like it does for them!

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