5 Fun Facts

  1. I’m a car owner! It only took 7 trips to Service Ontario to get an elusive Commissioner’s signature (she was running for election which apparently means she doesn’t have to do her job).  But I FINALLY got it transferred and after a month of visits – we’re OFFICIALLY a two car household.
  2. I’m halfway through my Christmas knitting… I think.  I seem to keep adding to my pile. How does that happen?
  3. I FINALLY finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I didn’t love it.  Without giving anything away… I liked the story about Harriet – but I don’t understand what the deal is with all of the extra stuff.  I may have to Wikipedia the plots of the next two books.  I don’t think I’ll read them. BFF Kate – what was the name of the book you wanted me to read next?
  4. My parents are leaving for Florida tomorrow.  We’re looking after the dog… he’s currently sick… with diarrhea… really looking forward to it.  Gross.
  5. The Boy and I are heading back to Del Boca Vista in sunny Florida in 1 week – wish we were leaving tomorrow.  Alas Earwax.

Happy Thursday!


4 responses

  1. BFF Meeg: The book is called One Day by David Nicholls. It reminds me a bit of Love Actually so you are sure to love it!
    I also love that you call Florida Del Boca Vista! Oh Seinfeld I love you.

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