A movie date for two

”]Cover of "Love Actually [Blu-ray]"

Well, I was going to post on venue number 2… but I’m not sure where my cable is for my camera, and I’m not feeling hunting for it right now.  So non-wedding news instead.

This weekend the Boy ditched me.  He traded me in for a younger more masculine model – a man date.  I didn’t mind, especially since Friday night I ditched him, while staying in the same house.  Sista got a new piano and we reverted right back to our high school days playing piano and singing Disney classics.  The Boy fell asleep on the couch downstairs – ear plugs firmly in place I can only assume.  When he called Saturday to ask if I would mind terribly if he stayed at a friend’s house instead of coming home I was all for it.

How did I spend my weekend? I did what any newly engaged girl would do – I curled up on the couch with my dog, and watched movies and flipped through magazines… lots of both. Love Actually anyone? Inspiration. Elf,  a Will Ferrel Christmas classic.  And just when I was thinking of going to bed early Christmas With the Kranks was starting on TV – what’s a girl to do? Watch it that’s what!!

On Sunday, the weekend of Meaghan continued – with a brunch date followed by a good hour and a half at Chapters.  Started some Christmas shopping and restrained myself from killing the bookstore seasonal staff who asked me at LEAST 15 times if I needed help, was looking for anything in particular or had received a coupon.  They nearly ruined my experience – but a Chai Tea Latte made up for their annoyingness.

My date with me (and Denver of course) ended off with some knitting and listening to the beginnings of my Wedding playlist… more on that tomorrow. Once the Boy came home, turned off my music and turned on football, boo.  We compromised with vegetarian dinner and Four Christmases – BTW worst movie ever!  Otherwise, so relaxing and wonderful.

How was your weekend and how do you get in the Christmas season?

YouTube Fridays

Spending the weekend checking out venues – lots to report next week.  Better yet, spending some quality time with my favourite Sistsa!

The fun began last night with Love and Other Drugs – review… if you’d care to see A LOT of Anne Hathaway‘s breasts, get on it! Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is delightful, all in all a sweet romcom. (PS. JG – what’s up with you an Taylor Swift? Brutal.)

Anyway, this is all a round about way to inform you that this week’s YouTube Friday comes from my darling Sista… who was sent this new viral video this week.

I’ve checked it out and thought what a great way to celebrate Black Friday and the official beginning of the holiday season?

Hurray for the holidays! Also, I hope one day I get to witness a flash mob… or maybe even participate in one! AWESOME!

Happy Friday!

It’s on like Donkey Kong – Venue #1

The Boy and I saw our first venue the other day.  W-Day (we’re not talking military here people) planning has officially begun.

I have been on a bit of a roller coaster the last week (my planning book told me I would be) between being excited about it all, panicking that we’re not going to find a place (apparently 11 months is a short engagement) and feeling relaxed and like we have LOTS of time before the true insanity begins.  A lot of that roller coaster has had to do with venue.  I’ve been emailing places all over Toronto and area, some are booked, some are not, some have given me panic attack inducing quotes, others have not.  But Monday it officially began… we had our first appointment to see a venue.

Venue #1 – Holland Marsh Winery

Don’t bother looking for a website for this one – they don’t have one.  Don’t bother looking up a phone number online – it’s not the right one.  Don’t bother driving by to see what it looks like – it’s not finished yet.  Doesn’t sound like a great contender right?


We met with the owner (Rolland) of this new winery who is currently building a 2500 sq ft event space at the back of the winery.  We had a slight miss-communication over the phone – he thought I was a wedding planner looking for a job.  When I showed up fiance (hehe) in tow – he got the idea.

When the Boy and I drove around the back and saw the space we both immediately thought it wouldn’t be big enough. But Rolland assured us he has made it big enough to seat 200 people.  While I would find that hard to believe that it would comfortably seat 200 – we’re looking at around 150 so I’ll give it to him. Pro – it should fit our numbers.

We walked the grounds, which are still in progress – but include a lovely pond (coy fish TBA) an old shack (he was planning on taking it down but a real wedding planner told him ABSOLUTELY NOT!) and of course A LOT of grapes. It may look all wintery and Novemberish now – but let me tell you – it’s going to be beautiful.  Pro – we want somewhere that is naturally beautiful that we can take pictures and not have to add a lot of extra fuss.

We went inside and tasted the wine.  The Boy, a self-declared beer-guy actually liked their #4 Red.  Pro – no decisions to be made about what wine to have with dinner, and the Boy actually likes it.

We went upstairs to look at the 3D images of what the space will look like. It’s going to be beautiful.  It has huge windows and a patio out the back that all look over the vineyard. We listened as Rolland told us all of his plans and how he wants it to look.  He explained where the bar would be, that there wouldn’t be a full kitchen (CON) but that their would be a separate kitchen prep area. There will be a bridal room, and there is extra space on balconies upstairs for extra seating if needed (this is in addition to the 2500 sq ft on the main level). Pro – when the space is finished it should be lovely

Rolland told us that we could use any caterer we wanted, we could also get a special permit for alcohol and manage those costs ourselves (way cheaper than doing it through the venue). When we asked about costs, he didn’t really have an answer for us – he really hasn’t gotten that far since we are literally the first to inquire about having a wedding there, but he did assure us that he would be sure to take care of his first couple. Pro – we have the potential at a really great deal

But it’s not all roses and sunshine.  There are some serious things to consider.  Mainly, THE SPACE IS NOT FINISHED! While it is supposed to be completed this winter (February or March) and since we’re looking for the fall it should be lots of time, we would have to commit to a space basically site unseen. CON – That’s a bit stressful no?

While Rolland said he would not want us to fully commit to it until it is at least closed in and we can get a better sense of what it will look like (January) my feeling from speaking with finished venues – we need to make a decision before then.  And while we would be sure to work with an experienced caterer – the actual venue is not experienced, his ability to handle all of the what ifs, I’m not so sure – we’re all first-timers with this one. Con – lack of experience

Rolland is currently looking for an experienced event coordinator – so by the time October comes we should have someone who knows what they’re doing and has at least some of that what if experience. – Pro and Con – we’ll likely have someone to work with, we won’t know them going in.

So that was it – our first venue.  We had a good feeling coming out, the pros do out-weigh the cons.  We’re going to be sure to ask other venues we see what their square footage in order to compare. And the Boy and I have a history of sticking it out with our first choice, and it seems to have worked out well so far – our apartment and each other are but a few examples!

Busy Busy Bees

The Boy and I headed out of town this past weekend to visit his family, and flash some bling.

The Boys brother, sister-in-law and two nieces (26 months and 9 months) were visiting from Edmonton. So it was a family reunion.

It was great. And it was busy.  And it was fun. And it was loud.

If you think 2 kids basically under 2 are busy, what’s even busier and louder is 2 kids that have been on vacation for a week and have been off their regular schedule for a week and are tired, and wired, and simply exhausted.

But it’s also fun to see little ones you don’t know at all immediately warm up to you (although Emma – the older one – refused to give the Boy a high five). And it’s fun to read stories, and play games, and make swing rides, and have cuddles on the couch.

And at the risk of being too sappy it’s awesome to see the Boy you just agreed to marry be simply wonderful with little kids.

That said, when we were asked this weekend if we were planning on starting a family soon after getting married the Boy and I both immediately answered with a simultaneous resounding NO!

All in all, we were so happy to see them – but also happy that we still have some years of just us before we get there.


You Tube Fridays

It seems only fitting to have a wedding themed You Tube Friday this week… and maybe every week for the next year.  No, I wouldn’t do that to you – although I’m sure I could…. maybe it’ll be my default when I haven’t found anything else fun.

So here’s to getting married – and to our TV-like love

A couple of my faves:

It starts with a kiss – but the best one is when you realize you’ve found your lobster

Then there’s the proposal – I agree, there’s a reason that girls don’t do that part

And in 11 months or so – we should be dancing down the aisle!

Start getting excited!!

Who are your favourite TV couples?

Blame it on the rain – yeah yeah

Rain, Rainy weather

Image via Wikipedia

Blame it on the stars that did shine at night.


While the Gleeks may have been encouraging me to sing in the rain last night – I could have done without the opportunity while soundly sleeping in my bed this morning.

We’ve sprung a leak.

Some family members of mine will be happy to know that even when professionals install a new bathroom there are still leaks.  The shower from the apartment upstairs seems to be raining down on us. And while the plinky plunky sounds of rain hitting a hard service can be soothing – not so much when they’re also hitting your face.

Figures, the first night that our (still) poopy puppy makes it through without waking me up – we get a 5am wake up call in the form of a cold shower.


The Proposal

Did I have any idea? Yes and no.  No I didn’t KNOW it was happening when it was.  Yes, we have been together for 8+ years, and pretty much any event, be it birthday, Christmas, graduation, anniversary or vacation in the last ummm let’s say 2 years – I’ve had this thought in the back of my head… “maybe he’s going to do it today.”  I’ve always known during those thoughts that I was delusional.  It was not going to happen 2 years ago, or even 1 year ago – but 3 months ago we went to Ottawa and everything changed.

You may recall the Boy and I spent the August long weekend in Ottawa.  It was a great trip and really nice to just spend some time away together.  It was a great trip – but being a vacation within the last two years I of course had a little thought it my head… maybe it’s going to be this weekend.  The Boy did me a great service by informing me on the way there that it most certainly was not.  He didn’t want me to be disappointed – so just so we were clear… I wasn’t getting a certain piece of bling in Ottawa. Thanks tips.

September and a week of anniversaries came and went… no bling.  I wasn’t disappointed.  We had been talking about it.  I knew it was coming… eventually.  I even considered buying wedding magazines for the Fall season – not because I wanted to pressure anyone, but because I knew we were thinking fall – what if I missed these fall ideas?  Luckily BFF Kristyn reminded me I wasn’t that kind of girl. So I refrained.

Fast forward to November.  We were planning and packing for Florida and the Boy was insisting on bringing his own carry-on.  Weird. He never brings his own carry-on. What does he have to carry-on? Nothing.  An iPod, and headphones.  Maybe a book.  All things that could easily fit in my carry-on.  He insisted.  I didn’t push it.  I did think – wouldn’t it be funny if he had a ring in his bag and that’s why he is insisting.  I dismissed the idea as ludicrous.

We got to the airport and went through security and my bag was torn apart.  I had taken extra precaution to make sure my knitting scissors were not in my knitting bag.  Turns out I should have been more careful – there was a second pair.  “Ma’am you cannot take these on the plane.” Terribly sorry.  I’m clearly an idiot.  Meanwhile the Boy was sweating with the chaos I was causing and thrilled he did have his own carry-on… there was a ring in his bag.

I had big plans for Friday. I was determined to cross #73 off my list.  I set the alarm to watch the sunrise at 7:40.  The alarm went off… I thought I heard rain – so I didn’t go out. Back to the story…

Friday morning at a more reasonable vacation hour, I went to have a shower and the Boy took the opportunity to ask my Dad’s permission.  Dad obviously said yes, (My mom asked him later if he had said anything parental – he said no – didn’t even think of it) they agreed not to tell my mom. That taken care of we were off to Fleamasters Fleamarket and a little outlet shopping.

Fast forward to the sun going down.  The boy asked if I wanted to go on our first beach walk of the vacation. I agreed.  I did think if it was going to happen here he better do it early – if it didn’t happen in the first few days it wasn’t happening.  The Boy told me he had to get it done as quickly as possible the secret was killing him!

We went for our walk, it was cold and the tide was in – so we walked until we found a decently shallow spot to cross out onto the sandbar/real beach.  The Boy said he wanted to look for shells. I thought – we’re not going to find any right now, shells collecting is best in the morning… I should have gotten up to watch the sunrise and collected shells then.  The thought was completely out of my head.  We walked along the water I was walking a little ahead and the Boy asked me to look at the shell he had found.

I turned around to find him on his knee with a very sparkly ring in a shell.  He asked, I said “are you for real?” He assured me he was. I said “of course!” We put the ring on and the Boy threw the shell away (Doh!)  We celebrated, we self-portraited. We finished our walk.

We went back home and found that my second family was already at there (I thought my Dad had called them over but apparently they just happened to stop in). The Boy told me his job was over – I had to tell everyone.  I decided to let my mom see for herself.  I gave her my hands.  She said “I know they’re probably freezing… AHHH!!!” Tears and hugs. No one else realize what was going on – held up the hand.  Screams hugs and Dad had sent my brother out for Champagne.

Someone was missing. My sister wasn’t there.  But she had gone with the Boy to pick out the ring – so she was there in the ring. And the only member of our second family that wasn’t there – I was wearing my Shred Kelly t-shirt, so I decided he was there in spirit too.

I did cross #73 off my list the next day – but with all the shenanigans I couldn’t find my camera – so you’ll just have to take my word for it. #73 and #3 done and done.

The Boy likes to say he’s not a romantic – but I got to say – I wanted a good story, and I got one!


F is for…

Fantastic Florida!

We left this…

We spent 9 full days here…

And it was Fantastic!

I thought about blogging while I was away.  And it’s not that I didn’t have the time.  We had a pretty relaxed holiday filled with golf, the beach and shopping (of course). But I decided it would be better to just do a photo blog recap to remind myself of my wonderful vacation when I went back to work.  So here we go in reverse order (just for fun)…

Day 10:

It was the 20th annual Fort Myers Beach Sand Sculpting competition.  We made it down on both Friday and Saturday but the competition wasn’t over until Sunday… when we were back home.  So they weren’t finished yet but still really cool.  What these people can do with sand is no less than mind-blowing. I may have forgotten to put sunscreen on, luckily the Boy gave me his t-shirt but I did leave Ft. Myers with some serious burn chills.

Day 9

One last trip to Coconut Point.  The Boy and my Dad really enjoyed  it as Mom and I shopped for shoes and purses.  I really love malls in Florida, not just for the shopping and the choices but they are all outside. So even though you are spending some time inside stores – you still get to enjoy the nice outside.  Heading to Fort Myers Beach? Hit up Coconut Point!

Day 8

My only golf game was at beautiful Beachview Golf Club on Sanibel Island. Love this course because there are always lots of Alligators to see, as well as birds, turtles and lizards.  Last year we saw a couple of BIG iguanas but they weren’t out to play this year.  I had a few beautiful shots – one par hole, and a hole lot of terrible shots.  But as they say, a bad day of golf is still a pretty great day!

Day 7

The Boy and I spent some time on the beach… well he spent time on the beach, I was more in the beach. I miss the ocean already!

Day 6

Even including the price of the flight and the hotel room to stay overnight in Tampa, seeing the Leafs lose in Tampa was probably more affordable than seeing them lose in Toronto.  The game was brutal, way to not even show up Toronto!  But fun was still had by all.  We met BFFs Kristyn and John at the game and went bowling afterward.  A lot of beer was consumed by all – pretty much the crowning glory to the Boy and my brother’s week of bonding through beer.

Day 5

Enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Parrot Key with these lovely ladies.  The girls dinners came served on a Frisbee and they showed us how easy an iPhone is to use (if a 4 1/2 year old can do it – the Boy should be able to figure it out).  This dinner has become something of a tradition for all of my parents friends to catch up with us and see how big these girls are getting.  Love them!

Day 4

Mini golf! We won free passes for filling out a scavenger hunt (for children 12 and under) last year and getting a hole in one.  So we did what any sensible 20-something couple would do.  We put those wooden tokens that don’t expire with our passports and took advantage of our free game this year! This is a lovely picture of the first hole.  It’s funny on its own, but even more so with the sign that is posted just beside it. ‘Nuff said I think. Oh except for a reminder that there’s a anatomically correct lion at this Jungle golf as well. And that I won another free round for another hole-in-one.  Mini golf rocks!

Day 3

Boys went golfing.  Girls went shopping.  We went to Knitting with Nancy, even though after the knitting fair in September both mom and I SWORE we wouldn’t buy any more yarn until we had finished with what we had…. who were we kidding. I didn’t come home with anything… but there may be some on order for me.  We may have made our way to a book store.  And maybe to the magazine section.

Day 2

On day 2 we visited Fleamasters Fleamarket – it was huge and full of mad deals on things like socks, and sunglasses. We did a little shopping at the outlet mall. When we got back to the condo, the Boy and I went for our first beach walk of the season. We saw a happy crab – I realize he doesn’t look happy in the picture (actually he looks a little evil) but he did look like he was smiling – for realsies.

We thought the sunset was going to be glorious.  But after this the sun quickly disappeared behind too many clouds.

We talked a little and then practiced our self-portrait skills.

Wait… what’s that on my hand? Oh right… F is for FIANCE! The Boy and I got engaged on our first beach walk at sunset in Florida! We are going to officially become a Mr. and Mrs. I’m impressed with the lack of mascara running down my face – there were definitely tears!

SO HAPPY and SO EXCITED! (You can tell by the bold underline AND italics!)


I had a feeling it was going to be great.  As I told the Boy on

Day 1

Every great vacation starts with a Chai Tea Latte (with soy, extra hot, no water, no foam)

And that was our vacation loyal followers! Hands down best vacation ever. I don’t know how this will change things here. But since it’s a blog about me, and this news is definitely going to dictate my time for the next year or so, it’s probably going to make it’s way in here. I’ll start this week with some additional details – like a fuller Proposal Story tomorrow. And a bit of background on the Boy and I. But life does still go on… so I’m hoping I don’t become too consumed.  Time will tell I guess.

For now, back to work today.  Boo.


You Tube Fridays

Last day off work.  Second last day in sunny Florida.  Boo.

I found this video before I left.  It made me want to try and see if I could learn to use a different “keyboard.”  It would definitely require a learning curve, but it makes so much sense.

Hmm… I’m not convinced I would have the patience for this. But having spent the week watching 4 1/2 year old twins master an iPhone – I think this could easily become the way of the future.

What do you think?  Could you learn this?
Happy Friday!

November 11 @ 11:00

Veterans Day | Field of poppies

Image by *Arielle* via Flickr

It’s Remembrance Day.  Take a moment.  Say thank you.