A Glimpse into the Future…

We have a house guest.  He’s furry, he has four paws, and he’s sick. He’s Denver, and he has diarrhea.  The thinking is that the golf course my parents moved to had heavily sprayed the grass before closing the course for the season.  The dogs get to play on the fairway once the course is closed – coincidentally now all the neighbourhood dogs are sick.  Awesome.

Mom and Dad have left for Florida and that leaves my four-footed friend bunking with the Boy and I.  Sick.

He’s made a turn for the better (sister – don’t worry he should be back to normal by the time your shift comes), but this weekend did offer a slight glimpse into my future.  While the Boy has been fine with him during the day (he even cleaned up the GIANT mess in the bathroom Friday after work), at night Denver suddenly becomes “my dog.”  When he jumps off the bed, and wants outside at 2:30, 4:00, and 6:00 in the morning – the Boy hears him before I do, wakes up, but then shoves me and says “Your dog wants out.”  I’ve gotten up, put on my shoes and coat and taken him outside. It’s made me wonder… is this what it’s going to be like?

I decided to engage the Boy in this thought…

Me – Why is it that Denver is suddenly my dog anytime after you’ve gone to bed (9:30), but you’ve got strong opinions about what we should be feeding him any other time?

Boy – Because he’s your dog.  He’s your responsibility – especially at night.

Me – Is this going to be your answer if we have kids – are you going to hear them cry, wake me up and say “your kid needs you!”

Boy – Well, we’ll always be sure they’re your kids – they come out of you after all.

Me – Are you saying you’ll need a DNA test before you’ll change a diaper?

Boy – Hmmm…. I hadn’t thought of it… but that sounds like a good idea.


For those concerned – Denver has made a turn for the better, he slept through the night and without getting too graphic – things are looking more solid.  If you find yourself in a similar situation – I gave him rice and boiled hamburger and found some kind of puppy pepto at the pet store.  He doesn’t seem to particularly care for it, but he’s better so too bad.  The pet store also suggested Gatorade in his water – he didn’t like that.

"My tummy hurts"


2 responses

  1. awww poor pooch! But I’m sure when it comes to something living and breathing that is a part of your life-blood, The Boy will act differently. And if he doesn’t, you’ll just set up a schedule and kick him during the night to make sure he adheres! 🙂

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