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First things first HAPPY 35th Anniversary to the Boy’s parents! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

As promised this week is packed full with guest bloggers.  Most of the posts have something to do with travel since you know… I’m traveling!

It seems only appropriate that I start the week of guest bloggers with Vicki from Crowning Victoria.  Vicki is a Floridian native, and since that’s where I am – I thought I’d start with her.  We first bonded over sharing a potluck Friday on SITS and our W last names, and since then I’ve been hooked! She’s  getting married in June 2011, takes amazing pictures and has me hooked on discovering new finds on ETSY.

Thanks Vicki for guesting for me!

A Different Magic Kingdom

When Meaghan asked me to guest blog for her I was so excited! I love reading The Twenties Roar, just as I know Meaghan regularly reads my wedding planning blog: Crowning Victoria.  At first so many ideas about traveling flooded my brain.  It was hard to pick!

As a kid growing up in Orlando, Florida, it seemed like vacation was only a stone’s throw away.  We went to Disney, Sea World, and Universal Studios regularly, sometimes even as class field trips.  I’m not gonna lie, it was awesome.  But I never really saw those amusement parks with as much luster and awe as those who traveled long distances.

Then my dad’s job offered him a great opportunity: to travel to the country of Jordan.  Of course, he brought us all along (my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and myself) for this journey.  My dad worked for a public university and we were to visit another public university in Jordan. However, in Jordan, since the government directly funds their universities, they also had a huge hand in our trip.  Like when we showed up at the airport and a representative of the Jordanian royalty greeted us and escorted us to a private lounge.  While we munched on baklava and other treats I never laid eyes on before, were gifted playing cards and knickknacks, someone picked up our luggage for us.  Before long we were in an escorted van on our way to most luxurious hotel.

While In Jordan we toured the whole country.  I’m talking the entire expanse of the Jordanian soil, with Jordan representatives translating and guiding us around.  We saw markets and gorgeous mosques. We took a dip in the Dead Sea (a part of it leads to Jordanian land) and drove down long winding roads. We ate goat with our hands off a platter (amazing) and drank the most amazing tea with Bedouins. The most memorable of all the places, though was Petra.  Most people know Petra from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where they go into the Treasury and fight off booby traps to find the Holy Grail. {Oh, recounting this makes me want to watch it!}

We rode horses through the mile long chasm of red rock, until we came to a breathtaking view. *(insert picture here)

In short, Petra is an ancient city dating back to 1550 BCE. {But please, google it and learn more.}  The whole, huge city made up of smaller buildings carved into rock.  It’s a whole different world, a magical kingdom, if you will.  I eagerly, yet timidly, walked into the Treasury building – excited to see Indiana Jones, and was sorely disappointed.  The carving stops about eight feet into the building.  Thankfully, there are no giant razors popping out of the walls, but I was hopeful to explore. Still, the history of this area is amazing.  As I continued to explore the grounds we found Roman amphitheaters and columns, from the Roman rule. When we left, I knew nothing would compare to this experience back home, and tried to capture as many mental images.

Now as I go back to Orlando to visit my parents over the holidays, it’s not the chance to see Mickey Mouse or Shamu, but rather to gently flip through the pictures of our family adventures and relive the memories created together.


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  1. Hey Tori,

    Honesty police here – matt didn’t go on this trip. He didn’t exist yet, it was just us 4. Remember you and I staying in the army barrucks sleeping under thread bear beach towels? Not all luxury, but definately a trip to remember

    • Oops on my part -I thought My bro-in-law was with us but he wasn’t. Ah well, it was still a fun family trip!
      And we did stay at that awesome stone cut-out hotel. But yes that one hotel was a little, er, shabby. At least I can remember the good points! 🙂

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