Brought to you by Reenie’s Scribbles

Technical difficulties this morning (I forgot to schedule it).  Today’s guest is Reenie from Reenie’s Scribbles.  She’s from the land down under, and just like the rest of the guest bloggers I found Reenie through SITS.  Reenie’s post is travel related once again, but a different take – different language when you travel.  I can totally relate to this one.  Whenever we would come south of the border to see my second cousins they would ask us to say different words… like “Pop.”  They found it hilarious that we would call a can of coke a pop, (instead of soda) and they loved that HILARIOUS Canadian accent!

Reenie’s generously giving us all a lesson today so we won’t be too thrown if we ever visit sunny Australia.

Thanks Reenie!


I would really like to go globe-trotting. I mean, really… I would like to hike the mountains, sleep under the sun and rain, live a backpacker’s life…and learn the little inside stuff of another culture…

Like the use of the word ‘thong’.

I have you there, haven’t I? If I have- my mission here is accomplished and I can smugly get back to my ‘Lonely Planet’… but not before I give you an explanation for rudely grabbing your attention; so here I go!

You see, here where I live… down-under in Australia a ‘thong’ is a ‘flip-flop’… you know, those flimsy sandals like the one in the photo here?

Yup, that’s a thong. I swear it is! I can only imagine how funny it may strike to the rest of the world when you see it written in the formal Australian dress code policy documents:

‘Thongs are not acceptable form of footwear to be worn in the workplace due to Health and Safety legislations’

I had to ‘explain’ to a bewildered American colleague that it is quite common for Australians to wear ‘thongs’ as footwear… haha… I mean who wastes a perfect opportunity to pick a foreigner’s brain?! Would you? Me neither.

Now, I better get back to my ‘Lonely Planet’ before I go globe trotting… after all, I have to work really hard to keep ‘karma’ at bay!



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