The Proposal

Did I have any idea? Yes and no.  No I didn’t KNOW it was happening when it was.  Yes, we have been together for 8+ years, and pretty much any event, be it birthday, Christmas, graduation, anniversary or vacation in the last ummm let’s say 2 years – I’ve had this thought in the back of my head… “maybe he’s going to do it today.”  I’ve always known during those thoughts that I was delusional.  It was not going to happen 2 years ago, or even 1 year ago – but 3 months ago we went to Ottawa and everything changed.

You may recall the Boy and I spent the August long weekend in Ottawa.  It was a great trip and really nice to just spend some time away together.  It was a great trip – but being a vacation within the last two years I of course had a little thought it my head… maybe it’s going to be this weekend.  The Boy did me a great service by informing me on the way there that it most certainly was not.  He didn’t want me to be disappointed – so just so we were clear… I wasn’t getting a certain piece of bling in Ottawa. Thanks tips.

September and a week of anniversaries came and went… no bling.  I wasn’t disappointed.  We had been talking about it.  I knew it was coming… eventually.  I even considered buying wedding magazines for the Fall season – not because I wanted to pressure anyone, but because I knew we were thinking fall – what if I missed these fall ideas?  Luckily BFF Kristyn reminded me I wasn’t that kind of girl. So I refrained.

Fast forward to November.  We were planning and packing for Florida and the Boy was insisting on bringing his own carry-on.  Weird. He never brings his own carry-on. What does he have to carry-on? Nothing.  An iPod, and headphones.  Maybe a book.  All things that could easily fit in my carry-on.  He insisted.  I didn’t push it.  I did think – wouldn’t it be funny if he had a ring in his bag and that’s why he is insisting.  I dismissed the idea as ludicrous.

We got to the airport and went through security and my bag was torn apart.  I had taken extra precaution to make sure my knitting scissors were not in my knitting bag.  Turns out I should have been more careful – there was a second pair.  “Ma’am you cannot take these on the plane.” Terribly sorry.  I’m clearly an idiot.  Meanwhile the Boy was sweating with the chaos I was causing and thrilled he did have his own carry-on… there was a ring in his bag.

I had big plans for Friday. I was determined to cross #73 off my list.  I set the alarm to watch the sunrise at 7:40.  The alarm went off… I thought I heard rain – so I didn’t go out. Back to the story…

Friday morning at a more reasonable vacation hour, I went to have a shower and the Boy took the opportunity to ask my Dad’s permission.  Dad obviously said yes, (My mom asked him later if he had said anything parental – he said no – didn’t even think of it) they agreed not to tell my mom. That taken care of we were off to Fleamasters Fleamarket and a little outlet shopping.

Fast forward to the sun going down.  The boy asked if I wanted to go on our first beach walk of the vacation. I agreed.  I did think if it was going to happen here he better do it early – if it didn’t happen in the first few days it wasn’t happening.  The Boy told me he had to get it done as quickly as possible the secret was killing him!

We went for our walk, it was cold and the tide was in – so we walked until we found a decently shallow spot to cross out onto the sandbar/real beach.  The Boy said he wanted to look for shells. I thought – we’re not going to find any right now, shells collecting is best in the morning… I should have gotten up to watch the sunrise and collected shells then.  The thought was completely out of my head.  We walked along the water I was walking a little ahead and the Boy asked me to look at the shell he had found.

I turned around to find him on his knee with a very sparkly ring in a shell.  He asked, I said “are you for real?” He assured me he was. I said “of course!” We put the ring on and the Boy threw the shell away (Doh!)  We celebrated, we self-portraited. We finished our walk.

We went back home and found that my second family was already at there (I thought my Dad had called them over but apparently they just happened to stop in). The Boy told me his job was over – I had to tell everyone.  I decided to let my mom see for herself.  I gave her my hands.  She said “I know they’re probably freezing… AHHH!!!” Tears and hugs. No one else realize what was going on – held up the hand.  Screams hugs and Dad had sent my brother out for Champagne.

Someone was missing. My sister wasn’t there.  But she had gone with the Boy to pick out the ring – so she was there in the ring. And the only member of our second family that wasn’t there – I was wearing my Shred Kelly t-shirt, so I decided he was there in spirit too.

I did cross #73 off my list the next day – but with all the shenanigans I couldn’t find my camera – so you’ll just have to take my word for it. #73 and #3 done and done.

The Boy likes to say he’s not a romantic – but I got to say – I wanted a good story, and I got one!



8 responses

  1. What a great proposal story and your ring is beautiful.

    J and I have been together for 10 years now and I know what you mean about expecting the proposal for every event or holiday. I’m so happy for you that the waiting is over.


  2. Um, WOAH! I take off a few days from the internet and you go and get engaged?! I’m never leaving the interwebs again. maybe.

    Now go read every post I ever wrote to help you plan, or something like that 🙂

    • It’s true I HIGHLY recommend NOT stepping away from the interwebs – I STILL haven’t caught up from when I was away!
      Thanks for the love – I’ll be sure to include ALL CV posts in my research!

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