Busy Busy Bees

The Boy and I headed out of town this past weekend to visit his family, and flash some bling.

The Boys brother, sister-in-law and two nieces (26 months and 9 months) were visiting from Edmonton. So it was a family reunion.

It was great. And it was busy.  And it was fun. And it was loud.

If you think 2 kids basically under 2 are busy, what’s even busier and louder is 2 kids that have been on vacation for a week and have been off their regular schedule for a week and are tired, and wired, and simply exhausted.

But it’s also fun to see little ones you don’t know at all immediately warm up to you (although Emma – the older one – refused to give the Boy a high five). And it’s fun to read stories, and play games, and make swing rides, and have cuddles on the couch.

And at the risk of being too sappy it’s awesome to see the Boy you just agreed to marry be simply wonderful with little kids.

That said, when we were asked this weekend if we were planning on starting a family soon after getting married the Boy and I both immediately answered with a simultaneous resounding NO!

All in all, we were so happy to see them – but also happy that we still have some years of just us before we get there.



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