A movie date for two

”]Cover of "Love Actually [Blu-ray]"

Well, I was going to post on venue number 2… but I’m not sure where my cable is for my camera, and I’m not feeling hunting for it right now.  So non-wedding news instead.

This weekend the Boy ditched me.  He traded me in for a younger more masculine model – a man date.  I didn’t mind, especially since Friday night I ditched him, while staying in the same house.  Sista got a new piano and we reverted right back to our high school days playing piano and singing Disney classics.  The Boy fell asleep on the couch downstairs – ear plugs firmly in place I can only assume.  When he called Saturday to ask if I would mind terribly if he stayed at a friend’s house instead of coming home I was all for it.

How did I spend my weekend? I did what any newly engaged girl would do – I curled up on the couch with my dog, and watched movies and flipped through magazines… lots of both. Love Actually anyone? Inspiration. Elf,  a Will Ferrel Christmas classic.  And just when I was thinking of going to bed early Christmas With the Kranks was starting on TV – what’s a girl to do? Watch it that’s what!!

On Sunday, the weekend of Meaghan continued – with a brunch date followed by a good hour and a half at Chapters.  Started some Christmas shopping and restrained myself from killing the bookstore seasonal staff who asked me at LEAST 15 times if I needed help, was looking for anything in particular or had received a coupon.  They nearly ruined my experience – but a Chai Tea Latte made up for their annoyingness.

My date with me (and Denver of course) ended off with some knitting and listening to the beginnings of my Wedding playlist… more on that tomorrow. Once the Boy came home, turned off my music and turned on football, boo.  We compromised with vegetarian dinner and Four Christmases – BTW worst movie ever!  Otherwise, so relaxing and wonderful.

How was your weekend and how do you get in the Christmas season?


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