Venue #3 – Be still my heart

The vision.  It would be beautiful. It would be socially conscious.  Did I mention it would be beautiful? Stunning.

Venue visit number 3 was to the Estates of Sunnybrook.  A Toronto estate that used to house some Doctor’s family, blah blah blah, now it’s a event venue in Toronto.  It is owned and operated by Sunnybrook Hospital.  You may recall I visit Sunnybrook regularly – I am a patient of their high risk breast clinic.  Here’s the best part – not only is it stunning, STUNNING.  All of the profits go to research at Sunnybrook.  Are you in love?  I am.

I knew it would be a million dollars. I knew it was not likely to make the short list.  But c’mon – the money goes to research and it’s a beautiful estate.  I had to see it.

The lovely coordinator and I had gone back and forth for a week trying to arrange a time to see the space.  We finally settled on a date that worked for her, me, and the Boy when the Boy went and scheduled himself for volleyball.  Argh.  I couldn’t cancel on her again so I kidnapped Milena of A Handmade Story and off we went.

We pulled up to a beautiful estate,  walked in and fell. in. LOVE.

The ballroom – beautiful.  The extra space available beautiful. Queen for a day – check!

Price tag fit for a queen – check.

Rational decision making. Rational decision making.

Breakin’ it down pro/con styles:

Pro – I think we’ve firmly established the beauty.

Pro – The coordinator seems like someone I could work with. She already let me in on a little secret – buffets = MORE than a plated dinner.  The reason, is clear in one word. Waste. The chef needs to make enough of each option that if everyone wanted one of everything it would be available.  Same number of staff is required for set up and clean up. And there you have it more expensive.

But I digress… I liked the coordinator.

Pro – The extra space. The bar is separate but not too separate like at Venue #2. There is distinct areas for cocktails etc, but because it’s got that old estateness it still feels cozy.

Pro – Extensive soundproofing and a separate entrance for the possible 1 other event that might be happening the same day.

Pro – Beautiful photo options.

Pro – If we’re going to pay all this money regardless of where we are – wouldn’t it be nice to know that the profit is going to a wonderful cause instead of someone’s pocket? I think so!

There are some cons

The biggest con is that the capacity of the space is 150.  Since our current guesstimate is 150 – we’d likely be at capacity.  Looked pretty tight. They would also need to move tables in order to create a dance floor… I don’t particularly like that.

Con – proximity of accommodations – there are hotels around.  It would be doable, but they are downtown hotels so I don’t know what that would cost. We’d have to investigate.

Con – $$ While I initially thought the price per person was less than other places we’d looked at – turns out no.  It’s about the same as Venue #2.

I briefly considered who we could cut on our list, in order that “the vision” be an actual possibility. Perhaps an intimate wedding with just our immediate family… but no.  The Boy and I have talked about this wedding for a long time, and we have long agreed on quite a number of things.  #1 We want all of the people that love us in one room. We want them to be comfortable, and we want it to be SUPER fun. And while I realize that hosting that many people is going to cost more than $5.00, we have enough debt.  We don’t need to be adding to it to get married.

So venue #3 is beautiful. And should we win the lottery or should we send out invitations and everyone we know regretfully declines – we’ve got a back-up.

Still can’t find the camera cord!


3 responses

  1. i went to florida with a couple who got married there! i didn’t know them when they got married 3 1/2 years ago… but i know that they were both super pleased with their decision to have their wedding there!

  2. My friend went through something similar…found a gorgeous place she loved, but it was small and it was a fortune. She was bummed, but ended up choosing a larger, cheaper place that wasn’t quite as beautiful. However, the food was incredible and the music was great and everyone still talks about how it was the best wedding. And they still had money left over after for a great honeymoon and a downpayment on a house.

    On the flip side…my brother got married last year. They spent a small fortune…like the equivalent of half a house. It was a phenomenal wedding and the pictures came out amazing…but they kick themselves in the ass daily because they are now broke and in debt and all they have to show for it is pictures.

    I say, sacrifice the beautiful venue in order to keep yourself out of debt and to have the people you love around you. I”m sure there are places you can go to take really nice pictures and you’ll be happier later.

    That’s just my two cents.

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