YouTube Friday

Friday already?!

3 weeks ’til Christmas everyone.  What do I have in the plans for this weekend?  COOKIES! Fun fact about the Boy – he does not like licking beaters… I know what a weirdo.  Fun fact about Meaghan – I may have nearly broken my finger last weekend when I got it stuck between the beaters and accidentily turned the handmixer on.  OUCH!

I’ll try to stay a little safer this weekend.

Anyway, in honour of my love of making cookies, combined with my love for all things Muppet I give you a public service announcement from the one and only Mr. Cookie Monster.

WordPress seems to be a little slow with loading videos these days so if it’s not working, BAH! Check it out here

Cookie Monster wants to host Saturday Night Live and he needs your help! Click here to join the Facebook group and help Cookie Monster be the next host!

Happy Friday!


5 responses

  1. HOLY SMOKES! that’s exactly what i’m doing tonight too! cookie tiiiime!

    also- i have been thinking lots about your request for ideas. i’m working on it- and i think i’m onto something.

    happy weekend!

  2. That video is hilarious.

    I hope your finger is ok. I almost did something similar while whipping potatoes for Thanksgiving. No broken finger, but I made a huge mess.

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