3 More Days – 3 More Projects

How did this happen?  It started with 3 projects.  3 small projects.

And then the list grew… and grew… and grew.

I started off strong.  I only had 1/2 a project left (not one of the original 3 BTW).  So I started on the B list – the projects I thought about starting ONLY if I got through the already expanded A list. I only had 1/2 the project to go… so I started the B list.

Now it’s 3 days until Christmas and I have 3 projects still on needles, including that 1/2 a project left from the A-list.  As I started to feel a little over-extended I started thinking that some of these presents might be just a ball of yarn and an I.O.U.

But then. Then. I started.

And now I’m feeling the pressure. Now I’ve got three days and I’ve started 3 more projects. Did I mention I’m working this week? And also that I haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet?


The good news? I got a camera cord, AND the camera


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