You had me at barn

A little about our venue.  It took us long enough to make a decision so I think it deserves its own post.

Waterstone Farm and Estate is a horse farm, with real live horses.  And while that might make for an extremely bleary eyed allergic reaction for some of our guests and perhaps our bride, it comes with a beautiful meadow and old hay barn.

You know when “they” say “you’ll just know.” Apparently that is applicable to venues.  When we saw it we knew.  And it really has a lot to do with the barn.  The Boy grew up on a farm in St. Mary’s a farm that we have pictures of in our living room.  Waterstone Farm is a perfect balance of country and city.  It’s a farm – so the country part is obvious,  but the Estate, the actual space we will be celebrating in… it’s not city, but it’s not countryish.  It’s warm and lovely.


Additional perks, the cost. Without getting into specifics remember when Rolland wanted $5000 for the space alone? Waterstone doesn’t have a venue fee. It gets better.  The plate price includes staff (exclusive of bar staff) tables (15 round and 4 rectangular) tablecloths (floorlength) and organza overlays (we picked silver which when matched with the white makes for a lovely shimmery gray – more on that later).  I don’t know about you but that seems like a WAY better deal to me!

Just asked the Boy what he likes about it he says “It’s rural and it’s close.” The Boy is a little under the weather right now so a man of few words.

Basically we wanted a venue that we wouldn’t need to decorate much.  Flowers on tables and done.  No transforming into a completely new space – that seemed like too much work, and too much money.

I think we got what we wanted… but here are some pics so you can be the judge and tell me what you think!


The Whole Room


Most of the pictures we've seen the head table is infront of the fireplace

Mom’s Happy


I'm happy and the Boy is happy that venue hunting is over... can't you tell?


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  1. I came across your post. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Wish I had seen earlier. I’m assuming your are referring to the farm in Newmarket. Please be very careful. As you’ve already experienced first hand the owner D W is very unreliable and untrustworthy… but she can be so charming and sweet. Waning to the wise: She’s a liar and a cheat. If you must proceed at this location do so with caution. Don’t pay too much or in full until AFTER all is done. Make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing and signed.

    • Actually the venue is everything you could dream of and the owner is very accomodating and completely honest. They spell out absolutely everything that is included and not included and they keep their word to a tee. Some people are real ‘bridezillas’ and can’t be happy with anything, but our experience at WAterStone was fantastic. Gorgeous venue – gorgeous wedding!

    • My wedding at WaterStone was wonderful!!! Everything was exactly as we hoped and the owner was fantastic. I don’t know what happened to you, but we were thrilled. Everything that was offered was delivered and we couldn’t have been happier!!

    • I had my wedding there and it was perfect. Also we were given the full day the day before to set up and the owner was really helpful. I recommend WaterStone from my experience and my guests loved my choice.

    • Whoever submitted this post is a very unlucky person. I had a fantastic experience at WaterStone and the owner was great as was everything else. Calling someone a liar and a cheat is libel. Are you sure you want to go there???? Terrible thing to do to a fantastic venue……

    • That was my experience exactly. 😦 MY wedding was almost ruined by the owner of Water Stone Estate and Farms. Beautiful venue but I do not recommend this place due to the owner and her miserable sense of customer service. Yes, she was great…… until she got her money. Then she threatened to charge our credit card because our caterer would not drop linens off 3 days early as she requested only the day before she wanted them which was 4 days before the wedding. Then she proceeded to tell us that the linen quality was not up to her standards because it was square table clothes instead of round. She would order her own linens and charge our card!!! WOW. How insulting is that? And why would she care you ask? Well, turns out when I, the bride, arrived on my wedding day to get ready, she had 3 other couples there to see the venue! How many did she want to show before that day I wonder at our expense? At the same time as she was showing the place on my wedding day, the bathrooms where not clean, nor was the chapel ready for our caterer to set up chairs. Apparently, our caterer had to explain to this women why piles of mud on the chapel floor and on the isle way was not ok during a wedding!! You know, dressed up guests, lady in a white gown and mud don’t really go together. The owner of Water Stone Estate and Farms needed to be told this was unacceptable. Back to the linens – Our wonderful caterer ended up talking to her and trying to explain that the size of the table clothes where just fine regardless of the shape but she kept threatening to charge our card and so he reordered linens because she was so unreasonable. I am glad he did because she may have been worse and I was worried she may do something more to ruin our day if we did not get round table clothes instead of square ones. She wanted all of this her way so she could show it to others on our dime! If there are photos on her site of my wedding…..she did nothing to set it up. It was not her caterer. It was Deli House that made it look so beautiful! And it was my friend who did the flowers for the tables, cousin did other flower pots, Metro grocery store florist at Yonge St and Mulock did bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres (FABOULOUS Job Lori!) and I did the other decorations.
      Our contract with her said we could have access to the venue at 830 am on the day of the wedding. She was an hour late which pushed our caterer’s timeline off and my parents timeline off. She said we could have access to the venue the day before at 2pm. She called at 11am and she come by 12 or she won’t be there. She did not return calls during the whole process and actually told my mom she was too busy to call her back!!! On the day of the wedding my parents did cobweb cleaning, got tables out of closets and found the rack for our dresses. I, the bride, had to chase her and ask when the washrooms would be ready and when the chapel would be cleaned out!! All of this was in the contract that said it would be ready for us. Oh…..In the rooms where the bridal party was getting ready………we didn’t have toilet paper until I got it and we never had soap.
      The venue is stunning. A true dream come true. But the service was a nightmare. If you chose it understand the owners approach to customer service is stressful on clients. Also, we had 134 people including a dance floor and dj and it was tight. They advertise room for 150 plus dance floor and dj. Although all 134 people seemed to be on the dance floor at the same time!! Thanks to our DJ Jim Eriksen at He did a fantastic job!! Everyone loved him!
      I don’t recommend WATER STONE ESTATE and FARMS due to horrible treatment by the own. I give everyone chances and I am never one to expect perfection but it all piled up to much.
      I DO on the other hand recommend Deli House Catering in Newmarket!!! To be clear: Deli House is NOT affiliated with Water Stone in any official way except when they are contracted by the clients to cater there. They are a totally separate company from that venue. And DELI HOUSE IS AMAZING!!!!!! Jon and his wife saved our day and were amazing during the whole process!! From giving us advice to trouble shooting with the venue, they were amazing. I was so happy with how comfortable Jon made me when meeting with him and all of his genuine advice. He is a true, honest and wonderful business person who loves what he does and he really cares about people. The staff working the day of my wedding where just as amazing and caring! The chef created masterpieces. Our quests loved everything! They raved about the service and food. Deli House Catering cares about their clients and I whole heartedly recommend them for any event big or small! Thank you for creating my dream come true Deli House!

      • Thanks for reading Christie. I’m sorry to hear you had such a negative experience – but it’s nice your other vendors were able to come through for you and hopefully your long term memories of the day will be only positive! While our experience at Waterstone was ultimately positive, yours doesn’t really surprise me. I too found the owner a bit scattered. She was out of town the weekend of our wedding and by the sounds of it – that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, just wanted to wish you well in your new married life and thanks again for reading!

  2. I was just about to say that the venue is beautiful and I’m so happy for you that you found what you were looking for. Then I read the comment about and now I’m a little nervous for you. But I’m sure you guys will be careful and make sure you get everything in writing!

    And I think your choice of a date is perfect. You don’t want to deal with weather…my brother got married last year on NYE and it snowed. Not a lot, but enough to make everything difficult. It added so much stress and quite a few tears to an otherwise perfect day. Not worth it. And if you want fall colors, there is no reason you can’t have them in September. It’s your wedding…do what makes you happy.

    Good luck with the rest of the planning! I can’t wait to see more pictures.

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  4. Yes I agree. I had a fantastic experience with WaterStone! Everyone said it was a ‘hidden treasure’ and everything was wonderful!!!

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  6. hi, my name is Aneta and i am interested in having my wedding at waterstone estates. I was wondering if i can contact you via email to ask you about your experience.


  7. Horrible place, horrible unreliable woman! Deborah Weiss is the ‘owner’ She is scatter brained, never at the venue when she says she will be and invoicing was incorrect. She was short with me, chased me for money all of the time – even once asked for cash… I mean cash! I hear that her horse ride school is collapsing too, a friend of mine knows several of her suppliers and she does not pay!

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